Introducing BULK HOMME

The multi-award winning, best-selling Japanese skincare collection for men has graced our cyber shelves with powerful formulas to ensure your skin (and hair!) care game are on-point.

The multi-award winning, best-selling Japanese skincare collection for men has graced our cyber shelves with powerful formulas to ensure your skin (and hair!) care game are on-point.

Carrying a 'substance over style' approach to skincare, BULK HOMME is all about what's inside the products and less about fancy packaging. Featuring 6 products infused with natural Japanese ingredients to offer your skin the very best care, BULK HOMME is the answer to perfect skin and value for money.

And btw, before we press on, we’d just like to say that EVERYBODY needs THE BUBBLE NET in their life. It is the quickest way to take both your face wash and body washes to a whole new level. When we tried it we experienced a lather like never before, #justsayin.


The Collection / Face



Insider’s tip: best used with THE BUBBLE NET

Start your skincare regime from the ground-up with BULK HOMME's award winning cleanser, THE FACE WASH. This lather-rich formula has been designed to glide across the skin using a friction-free action which lifts grime while leaving the face soft, hydrated and free-from any unwanted tight or dry feeling. Clay Minerals and Bentonite draw impurities from within the skin to help to reduce the risk of blackheads and breakouts. Excess facial oil is gently swept away leaving a veil of natural fruit extracts to calm and soothe the complexion.


A two-in-one toner and after shave soother, THE TONER charges the skin with hydration after cleansing. This incredibly lightweight lotion sinks into the skin immediately leaving a layer of nourishment to re-hydrate your complexion and feeds the skin with a soothing cocktail of plant actives and natural friut extracts. After applying THE TONER, allow the skin a minute or two to absorb it then follow with the rest of your skincare regime.


BULK HOMME's answer to perfectly hydrated skin, THE LOTION charges the face with moisture to maintain elasticity and prevent dehydration-induced pre-mature ageing. Featuring the highling acclaimed Japanese hot spring water, Onsen-sui, (a natural anti-inflammatory which soothes the skin to help prevent irritation), THE LOTION leaves your skin on-point with a shine-free finish.



The Collection / Hair


Bulk Homme Hair Care Products


Free your hair of product build-up and grime while restoring the natural balance of your locks and your scalp with this moisturising, hyaluronic-acid-infused daily Shampoo. This award-winning formula uses moisturising agents to hydrate both the hair and scalp while removing grime and your styling products. This balancing Shampoo uses Hydrolyzed Silk and Castor Oil to boost the condition of the hair and make your style easier to achieve.


BULK HOMME's answer to soft and perfectly conditioned hair with a balanced scalp, THE TREATMENT charges the hair and scalp with nourishment to improve hydration and reduce the risk of dry, brittle hair. Used daily after shampoo-ing, THE TREATMENT will help to restore your hair back to its former glory, making it more manageable and making your style much easier to achieve.


A powerful formula featuring a 90% concentration of scalp restoring collagen, this daily-use Scalp Serum nourishes the scalp to promote the perfect platform for optimal, healthy hair growth. THE SCALP SERUM boosts the hydration levels of the scalp to prevent drying and flaking, and Silver Oxide naturally neutralises bacteria.

And the 'must-have’ which everybody needs...


BULK HOMME The Bubble Net



Put simply, everybody should own THE BUBBLE NET. It takes your Face and Body Wash to a whole new level. Apply a small amount of your face or body wash to a warm, wet bubble net. Using circular motions, work the product into a rich lather, remove it from the net, then apply to the face or body. Be sure to replace your BUBBLE NET every 12-16 weeks.