Get Set For Summer

Jack Black Turbo Body BarGet your legs and feet set for summer with the help of our resident male grooming guru, Graham Matthews. From trimming your toe nails to getting your feet flip-flop ready, Graham will talk you through the entire process, what to do, how to do it, which products to use and how often to do it. If you're wanting to look the part this summer, read on.

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Get Set For Summer - Below The Waistline

Prep-ing for the eagerly awaited sunny season is essential, as at no other time of the year do you expose so much of your body. We've enlisted the help of our resident male grooming guru, Graham Matthews to give us the low-down on getting fit for summer.

During the summer we not only expose more of our bodies, we also expose more about our personal hygiene and grooming regimes. When you're wrapped up for winter you can hide a multitude of sins with a chunky scarf and a pair of big boots. During summer you can't. If you're wanting to sport your favourite set of flip-flops and flaunt your treasured shorts then you'll need to pay your legs and feet a little TLC. By the way, it doesn't just end at the waistline, you'll need to pay similar attention to what lies above it, too, but we''l be looking at that next time. For this week we'll focus on getting your legs and feet summer-ready.

To sort your feet out;

Start by addressing and hard skin and dirty toes nails. First off, trim your toe nails and get them cleaned out. Next, use a scrub to soften the skin on the feet, don't bother buying a specialist foot scrub, just use your usual body scrub. 

Jack Black Turbo Body BarWhat to use

I personally recommend Jack Black's new Turbo Body Bar; packed with essential oils and scrub, this body scrubbing bar will have your trotters turned around in no time. 

How to use it

Massage it over the feet in circular motions and don't be too rough with it. Focus on the heels, the sides of the feet and the toes.


Apply some of your body lotion to the feet and don a pair of cotton socks. This is best done before bed and allows softens the feet no end.

Try to give your feet a going over every 10 days to keep them in form.

The Legs

Feet sorted, now get to grips with your legs. If you're pins have been under cover for most of the year them chances are they'll be lacking a bit of colour. Fake tan has always been a bit of a personal taboo of mine, I don't have issues using it but getting the shade right has always been a challenge, then I found James Read Tan. James Read is one of the UK's leading self tanning specialists. His client list reads like a guest list to the Oscars. Who better to invest his expertise into developing a collection of natural-looking self tanning products?

James Read Gradual Tan BodyWhat to use

James Read Gradual Tan Body Light or Medium. Informatively named, this gradual tanning lotion builds a tan that looks both natural and golden, not orange. The thing that pleases me most is the fact that when I use this I remain in complete control of the shade I achieve. Being a gradual tan builder, James Read Gradual Tan Body allows me to be in charge of the colour of the tan I end up with.

How to use it

Using the James Read Tanning Mitt, apply the lotion in upward strokes starting at the bottom the legs. This will help to lift the hairs on the legs and achieve maximum coverage. Use any lotion left on the mitt to tan the feet, toes and ankles.

Top tip

Use your Jack Black Turbo Body Bar beforehand to exfoliate the legs and rid them of dead skin. If you have rough skin this will tan darker than the rest of your legs and give your secret away.

Questions? Shoot some of your pressing issues across to me via the usual email address or click here to mail me.

Next time I'll be talking you through everything from the waist up including sorting your skin out before summer, controlling excess facial oil and how to tan your face and upper body with turning yourself turbo charged orange.


Till next time....