Men's Grooming Products - Dealing with Blackheads

Men's Grooming - Dealing with BlackheadsBlackheads, dilated pores, oily skin? Fear not. These are all problems faced by men worldwide. Here's a plan to help you get rid off them, and tighten your pores to prevent future build-up. Read on...

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Shooting straight down the line, blackheads are a combination of excess facial sebum (oil) and dirt. The sebum plugs the hole and catches the dirt from the environment, leaving you with a stubborn problem which is tough to address. Aside from destroying your face by over-zealously sqeezing the culprits, there are a few products to tackle blackheads head-on and prevent them making a comeback.


Kyoku for men lava masqueFirst up - Kyoku for Men's Lava Masque £24

Packed with the natural nutrients found in volcanic ash, Kyoku for Men's Lava Masque heats up on contact, penetrating to the root of the pores and dislodging the blockage. Guaranteed to visibly reduce the appearance of blackheads after the first application.


Second Contender - Anthony Logistics' Alcohol-free Toner £17.75

anthony logistics alcohol-free tonerThis may come as a surprise for most of you, as alcohol may well seem like the most effective ingredient to remove excess oil from the face. However, you skins' natural ability to lubricate the surface layer is determined by the moisture level within. Stripping the face of oil will have the reverse effect, tricking the skin into believing that it is dry and forcing it to produce more oil to maintain hydration. So avoid products which contain high levels of alcohol. Anthony Logistics Alcohol-free Toner is the perfect solution. Essential oils help lift residual oil from the surface whilst maintaining the skin's natural moisture. Pores appear tighter and smoother, preventing any dirt/oil from settling within.


Top tips to prevent blackheads -

  • Keep the face clean,
  • Use a scrub twice weekly,
  • Avoid products with a high alcohol concentration
  • Use a mask once weekly