Interview: Asim Akhtar - Founder of Kyoku for Men

Asim AkhtarAsim Akhtar is the genius behind leading men's grooming collection, Kyoku for Men. We decided to get up close and personal with Asim and find out what goes on behind the scenes, where his inspiration comes from and which famous faces use Kyoku for Men. Here's how it went...

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kyoku for menKyoku for Men was founded in 2008 by Oxford graduate, Asim Akhtar. Asim spent extensive time researching the cultures and habits of the Japanese population and noticed distinct differences in their approach towards the health of their skin. Based on this research, Asim formulated a range of men's grooming products which are specifically designed to target critical skincare issues. Introducing, Kyoku for Men.


We decided to find out a little bit more about Asim, the brand and his men's grooming experience. Here's how it went...


Name: Asim Akhtar

Age: 27

Level of Education: PhD (so that makes him Dr. Asim Akhtar)

Favourite Sport: Golf

Best Men's Grooming Tip: Keep it simple: cleanse, scrub, fuel.

Tell us about the brand. When it started, how it started, where it is based and where it is manufactured...

Kyoku for Men started about 5 years ago after I completed a trip to Japan and found that throughout the village culture that exists outside of Tokyo, the skincare rituals they were using were quite different than in western civilization. The extracts, plants, and herbs were so unique that I thought we had to incorporate this into a system for men to use. Kyoku uses quite a few special Japanese extracts that are sourced from Japan. We manufacture our products in Chicago at our own manufacturing plant and now have offices in both London and New York with distribution in 18 countries.

What is special about your products?

As previously mentioned, we incorporate native Japanese ingredients with a specialized microparticle technology that allows these ingredients to penetrate deep beneath the skin’s surface. Our research shows that men’s skin is on average 70% thicker than women’s skin and far more oily, so a penetrative delivery system is definitely a requirement.

Tell us about one product from the Kyoku for Men range that you couldn't be without?

If I had to choose just one product I could never be without by Kyoku for Men, it would have to be our Facial Moisturizer (SPF 15) - it’s a non-greasy formula that hydrates my skin, feels great, and you almost feel like your quenching your skin’s thirst whenever you use it. I simply love this product and it’s one that our clients can’t be without either because just about everyone gets this on a monthly basis.

What's your personal daily grooming routine?

I really keep it simple: I use an electric shaver 2-3 times a week and use our electric pre-shave optimizer prior to using this. I then follow up with our usual cleanse, scrub, fuel routine and use the eye fuel twice a day.

Any famous names used your products?

Yes – Jeremy Piven, Kevin Dillion, Adrian Grenier, Colin Firth, Daniel Craig, Vince Vaughn – we have a huge celebrity following.


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