Anti Ageing Heroes, Verso, launch Enzyme Peel

Anti Ageing Heroes, Verso, launch Enzyme Peel

Verso Enzyme Peel Touches Down at #TGC

The rise of scrub-free exfoliators is real, and Swedish Anti Ageing maestros Verso have just joined the club. Enzyme Peel is the latest addition to the Verso skincare family (April 2018) and brings a cocktail of skin renewing acids that promise to revitalise the complexion and clears pores with a tri-weekly 3 minutes treatment.

The clear gel is easy to apply and should be placed onto newly cleaned skin for 1-3 minutes, three times each week. A combination of AHAs and PHAs gently break the bond between dead skin cells and the outer layer of the skin to brighten the complexion and improve vitality. Pomegranate Enzymes have also been blended into the formula to add an anti-oxidant rich edge to the treatment that soothes and calms the skin with natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

Pro Tips:
1. For best results, use at night time.
2. Cleanse before application and again after you’ve rinsed it off.
3. Always use a moisturiser with SPF when using acid based products.
4. Choose one or the other; a scrub-free exfoliant like Verso Enzyme Peel or a conventional face scrub, there is no need to use both.

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