Which products are best to use after exercise?

After SportStay fresh after exercise with our guide to looking after the active body. By simply adjusting your grooming regime, you can help the body to recover much faster after sport. Our resident grooming guru handpicks 4 secret weapons to get you clean and fresh in the changing room.

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RON DORFF Body Lotion

An active lifestyle demands active body maintenance. Keeping your body fresh & clean after and during exercise is really quite simple, but certain products will help you to beat the opposition with minimum effort.

Firstly, 70% of the skin is made up of water. Replace what you have lost by drinking plenty of fluids, preferably still water at room temperature.

Stay fresh on the go with Wingman Wipes. These easy to use, convenient hygienic wipes for men leave the skin cleansed and odour free without the need for donning your shower cap. Wingman Wipes are individually wrapped so carrying them in your wallet or back pocket is simple.

Our main focus after sport is body odour. As the body tries to keep its temperature consistent, it releases sweat to catch cool air and release heat. Unfortunately, with sweat comes toxins. Toxins are responsible for the adverse odour experienced during sweating so using a deodorising body wash is essential. Try Wash With Joe CoffeeMint Body Wash. Containing real Arabic coffee, Wash With Joe is a natural scent diffuser which leaves the skin clean, fresh and odour free. To illustrate the power of this product; it even removes the scent of onions and garlic from the finger tips when cooking.

After exercise the skin is softer so it's the ideal time to slap on a bit of body scrub. When the skin is warm and supple dead skin cells can be removed much easier. Try Anthony Logistics Sea Salt Body Scrub for the ultimate after-sport experience. It's fresh and nourishing leaving the skin soft and soothed.

Hydrate thirsty skin with RON DORFF's Skargard Body Lotion. Developed specifically for after use after sport, this body cream is refreshing and replenishing.