4 Steps To Blackhead-Free Skin

4 Steps To Blackhead-Free Skin


Blackheads and clogged pores, after acne, are the most common skincare concerns. With the movement now firmly in the direction of completely matte skin, keeping your pores free from blockages has never been so important.

What are blackheads?

Everybody at some point will experience small black dots - usually on the nose, cheeks and chin - on their face. As the skin secretes sebum (oil) to naturally lubricate and hydrate itself, the pores can become blocked. Those with dilated pores will suffer most as the pores create crevices for the oil to settle within. As the pores fill with oil, the dirt that comes in to contact with the face is caught by the oil and becomes difficult to dis-lodge. As the dirt ages, it turns black forms a blackhead.

How to get rid of blackheads

There are a few techniques to remove these unsightly black spots, but if you’re prone to them, you’ll need to adopt a skincare regime which helps to keep them at bay. We’ve compiled a 4-step programme to free your skin from blackheads and keep the pores clear of oxidised dirt.
Step 1

Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Use a face wash which contains Glycolic Acid. Not only does this gently exfoliate the skin, it also sinks into the pores and helps to loosen the bond between the pore and the oil. Whilst it won’t completely remove the blockage, using Gylcolic Acid will soften the blackhead and make it easier for step 2 to remove it. Try Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser. It contains 4.9% Glycolic Acid and will prep your pores for perfectly for a dig-out by your face mask.
Step 2

NIOD Mastic Must

Apply a face mask 2-3 times weekly, but that specifically spades-out blockages from the pores. If you’re looking for an instant remedy, try Avojo Black Peel-off Mask. This black goo form a peel-off mask on the skin which clings to the black heads and as you peel it off, the blackheads are lifted from the pores. If you’re wanting a longer-term solution that’s slightly easier to work with, look no further than Niod’s Mastic Must. Formulated from the gum found in the bark of Greek Mastic Trees, this gum binds to dirt, not water, and when you wash it away, it will peel the dirt from within the pores. It’s also really good for those who experience the occasional breakout.
Steps 3 & 4

Hylamide Pore Control

Use a pore control treatment to help to help to reduce the size and intensity of the pores. The smaller the pores are, the less likely they are to become blocked and when they do get blocked, the blackheads won’t be as visible. Try Hylamide’s Pore Control. It’s a clear serum that you apply to areas of the face that are prone to blackheads and it helps to visibly reduce the number and size of the pores.
Use a sebum controlling serum to help to control the amount of oil produced by the skin. Germaine de Capuccini’s Purexpert Balancing Serum has been developed for those with oily skin, however those who don’t necessarily have excessively oily skin but still experience blackheads will also benefit from it. It contains Oleanolic Acid which breaks the sebum cycle and reduces the amount of shine secreted by the skin. It also contains Salicylic Acid which knocks blackheads quite literally on-the-head.