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Born out of the Fish Hairshop in Soho, London, Fish Soho is a leading range of men’s hairstyling products, offering salon quality results for those that demand serious style.  

Fish was first founded in 1987 and given its name when founder Paul Burfoot was decorating the salon prior to opening.  The building had previously housed a sex shop, but as the old wallpaper was torn away from the walls it shed light on to beautiful art deco tiles that lay underneath, a throwback to its history as a war-time fishmonger.  

As the renovation continued, a passer-by was curious what Paul and his father were doing with the shop, and when told that they were turning it in to a salon, the lady replied “I used to buy my fish there during the war”.

And so Fish Soho was born.

As Fish Hairshop has grown, as has its influence on men’s hairstyling.  With celebrity customers and regular visits from some of the UK’s biggest fashion magazines, Fish is influential and right at home at the forefront of the men’s fashion scene. It has set the trend for new styles in hair and has developed some of the best men’s hairstyling products on the market today.

Fish Soho products are created by Paul, with the first one cooked up from his garden shed in 1995.  Fish Wax, as it was initially known, was a huge success and was available from some of the biggest stores across London, including Harrods. The product is still available today although carries the name Fish Original Fishfingers Wax

As the success of Fish Soho grew, so did the range of men’s hairstyling products they produced.  In 2002, a full collection of styling products was launched on the British high-street. For those looking for some chunky, firm-hold shape without the need for lots of product, try out the Fishshape Crème. Fishshape Crème is part of the original range and is remarkably lightweight yet provides excellent hold and great texture, perfect for defining fringes and sides.

The next big release for Fish Soho was in 2007 with the polished Platinum Edition range, offering the discerning British gent all the sophistication of the original Fish range with the added benefits of refined fragrances and additional conditioning agents. With great shape-defining properties, the range included Fishshape Texturising Crème, Fishfingers Shape Defining Wax, Thickening Shampoo and Fishfoam Styling Mousse.

The AquaFish collection followed in 2008, a range of easy wash-out products offering the reliable style and an easy shower time.  The newest edition to the Fish Soho line-up is the SuperFish range, offering tough, uncompromising hold for hard core stylists needing the ultimate fix.

As far as men’s hairstyling products go, Fish Soho is up there with best.  Tackle life in style with the diverse range of products Fish offer.  

If you have serious style ideas and know what you want, Fish Soho is the brand for you.



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Fish Controlling Wax
Sale price¥1,300 JPY
Fish Aqua Fish Easy Wash Out Wax | 100ml
Sale price¥1,300 JPY
Fish Original Texturising Cream
Sale price¥1,300 JPY
Fish Shape Defining Wax
Sale price¥1,300 JPY
Fish Soho Memory Fish Flexible Gel | 150ml
Sale price¥1,100 JPY
Fish Soho Pliable Styling Fibre
Sale price¥1,300 JPY
Fish Soho Sculpting Clay
Sale price¥1,300 JPY
Fish Volume Fish Shape Texturising Cream | 100ml
Sale price¥1,400 JPY