Cra-Yon Fragrances


Fragrances by Swedish scent-house, Cra-Yon.

Often referred to a more of a state of mind than a fragrance house, Cra-Yon create a collection of head-turning Eau de Parfums around three lifestyle-enhancing pillars; Joy, Creativity and Wellness. Endeavouring to generate an experience with each and every spritz of scent, Cra-Yon fragrances are as much an olfactive event as they are an eau de parfum. The fragrances originate from Sweden with Cra-Yon’s co-founders sharing French and Swedish roots and bringing the very best of both nationalities to their innovations. Simple and environmentally-friendly packaging houses this outstanding collection of fragrances making Cra-Yon as good for the environment as it is for your scent wardrobe.

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