What Your Skin Needs To Survive Winter

winter skinWinter can play havoc with your skin. Keeping it hydrated and free from dry patches can be tough. Our 3-Step winter skincare plan will help to keep your skin in-form during the chilly season.

winter skinWinter really puts your skin through its paces. Harsh winds and freezing temperatures draw moisture from the surface level of the skin, this can lead to chapped areas and general dehydration. It's often said that Scandinavian countries produce the best skincare for dry skin as their climate offers the perfect environment to test formulas to their limits.


To keep your skin in-form during the chilly season, we've compiled our 3 step 'winter skin maintenance plan.' Following it step by step will keep you looking fresh, healthy and hydrated.


Step 1 - use a none-foaming face wash:


None-foaming face washes tend to assist in keeping as much moisture in the skin as possible. Try Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial Cleanser.


Step 2 - use an intensive, hydrating facial serum:


Serums are packed with thirst quenching properties and help to keep the skin supple. Try 66°30 Organics Radiance Cycle Natural Glow Face Serum.


Step 3 - Use a night cream during daytime:


Night creams tend to be more intensive than daily facial moisturisers. They also leave a moisturising 'film' on the surface of the face. This 'film' will help to protect the skin from the elements. Try Baxter of California Enriched Night Cream AHA.




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Most importantly, stay warm!