Auf Wiedersehen Winter, Bonjour Spring

Auf Wiedersehen Winter, Bonjour Spring

Skin Care in SpringThe effects of a harsh winter have had their chance to take whatever they can from your skin and your immune system; man-flu, dry, chapped skin and a general feeling of lethargy to name but a few. The good news is that the lighter nights and longer days are well on there way so it's time to start preparing for spring.

We've enlisted the help of a man in the know and asked him for his top tips on getting ready for spring, what male grooming products we should be using and how to choose the right ones. Here's what he had to say...

Auf Wiedersehen Winter, Bonjour Spring



The effects of a harsh winter have had their chance to take whatever they can from your skin and your immune system; man-flu, dry, chapped skin and a general feeling of lethargy to name but a few. The good news is that the lighter nights and longer days are well on there way so it's time to start preparing for spring.

Let's start from the inside out.

Winter Busting Health Supplements

Boost you immune system with Bee Prepared Max Strength Immune Support. Packed with bug battling ingredients, these easy to take immune support supplements boost the body's natural defence system and help to nurture a mal-nourished inner health weapon back into form.

During the winter months are cravings generally focus upon comfort foods, and we all know which foods comfort most - the bad ones. Trim down ready for spring with Anthony Logistics Trim Weight Loss Supplement. This herbal weight management programme is easily incorporated into your daily doings and helps to manage food cravings and the urge to consume fatty/sugary foods.


male grooming products


Male Grooming Products To Use In Spring

With your insides well and truly catered for, turn your attention to the biggest organ the body has; the skin. Bracing winds and freezing temperatures leave the skin dry, chapped and in need of some TLC. Start spring with a complete overhaul of your skincare activities by building a comprehensive regime to keep your face looking youthful and healthy.

Choosing A Face Wash That Suits Your Skin Type

Use a face wash that suits your skin type. If you have oily skin then you will require something slightly different from those with dry or normal skin. For oil skin, we recommend using a face wash that contains Glycolic Acid. This helps to control sebum secretion, what causes shiny skin, and it also help the skin to retain is natural moisture. Try Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial Cleanser. This is one of the most popular men's face washes, probably due the fact that it is super effective.

Dry skin? Try a slightly more intensive face wash that focuses on hydration. We recommend Karin Herzog's Professional Cleansing Cream. This balm based facial cleanser nourishes the skin whilst removing dirt and impurities. It is non-drying and leaves the face incredibly soft after use.

Why & When To Use A Face Scrub

Build a face scrub into your regime, but don't get too carried away with it. Use it twice weekly, preferably before shaving, to lift dead skin cells and unclog the pores. Focus on areas of the face that are susceptible to congestion like the t-zone and the chin area.

If you have sensitive skin try a gentle scrub or something that exfoliates without using beads or grains. Korres Exfoliating & Brightening Wild Rose Cleanser is perfect for those with hyper sensitive skin. It buffs away dirt and dead skin without irritating the face.

Low maintenance skin? Then you have carte blanche to choose any scrub you like. One of our current favourites is Germaine de Capuccini's Cool Scrub, as is Urth Skin Solutions for Men Facial Scrub. Both have an amazing approach to renewing surface level skin and leave a great shaving platform.

How To Choose An Eye Cream

Start using an eye cream. This delicate area of the face is very good, in fact far too good, at showing your true age. How do I know which eye cream is right for my skin? I hear you ask. The key here is to distinguish between creams and gels.

If you have puffy under-eyes then you will need to use a gel rather than a cream. The reasoning behind this being that you lymphatic drainage system (what drains excess fluids from the body) will cope and respond better to gel based products and it will be able to process them easier. The result, a dramatic reduction is the amount of fluid retained in the pockets of skin under the eyes and reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Try Manceuticals Eye Gel or Germaine de Capuccini's Energy Eye Roll On.

Eye creams should be used by those who have minimal fluid retention under the eyes. Our most recommended are Zirh Restore and Korres Black Pine Eye Cream, both have an anti-ageing approach.

Do You Need To Use A Serum?

If you skin has been hit hard by the cold weather, consider adding a serum to your collection. Serums are packed with restorative properties that repair and protect the skin. If you have dry skin try using Urth Skin Solutions for Men Hydra Therapy, it's a gel based treatment serum that turbo charges your skin with hydration.

Oily or combination skin? Go for something like Dr Dennis Gross' Hydra Pure Firming Serum or Anthony Logistics Vitamin A Treatment Serum.

Choose A Moisturiser That Has Been Developed For Your Skin Type

To finish the whole new you off nicely, start using a moisturiser that has been developed specifically for your skin type. Skincare is advancing day by day and cosmetic brands are investing heavily in scientific research to deliver the best possible outcome for you, the user.

For oily skin try Baxter of California Oil-Free Moisturiser. Charged with maximum hydration, this facial moisturiser is free from oils that make the skin shine and cause blackheads.

For combination skin we recommend Urth Skin Solutions Face Balm. It's packed with essential oils that help to absorb excess oil and shine. It also stops the skin from drying out.

For dry skin you need to be using something that is stuffed full of moisturising properties. Try 66°30 Extreme Cycle Essential Face Balm or Korres Black Pine Day Cream.

Questions? We love to hear what is bothering you. For the very best male grooming advice and tips email us here.