The Shaving Vocab

shaveWe've enlisted the help of our resident grooming guru, Steven O'Neill, to highlight what should be the most important features of your shave. The what-to-do, what-not-to-do and how-to-do.... a fool-proof guide to removing your facial hair.

shaveChoosing the right shaving kit, not only of paramount importance, is super tricky. We've enlisted the help of our resident grooming guru, Steven O'Neill, to share his expertise and shed some light on the facial topiary domain.

The Shaving Vocabulary;

Informatively named, Pre-Shave Oil should be applied before taking to your blade. 
How to use - Massage the oil into damp skin, paying particular attention to areas which are prone to razor rash.
Best for - daily shavers with minimal growth, or softening heavy growth before shaving it.
Best used - in conjunction with a shave cream.
A shaving lubricant which will soothe the skin whilst aiding 'glide.' A good shave cream will help to moisturise and protect the skin whilst allowing the blade sufficient contact to strip the hair.
How to use - Using both hands, massage your shave cream into damp skin and allow it a few minutes to soften the hair.
Best for - daily shavers with heavy growth who suffer the effects of razor burn.
Best used - over the top of a pre shave oil, or if time is of the essence, can be used independently.
Shave Gel is the most lubricating of the shaving family. Packed with glycerin, shave gel covers the skin with a protective layer of moisture whilst granting your razor maximum contact.
How to use - can be used alone. Massage into the growth after splashing the face with warm water.
Best for - daily shavers / occasional shavers who, usually, don't suffer a rash after shaving. Also, great for those who have little time to dedicate to their shave.
Best used - with a sharp blade and minimal fuss. Great for those who tend to 'snooze' in the morning.
Most post-shave oils contain similar ingredients to pre-shave oils. The main difference may be a reduction in lubricating qualities.
How to use - Massage into the shaven area before applying your moisturiser.
Best for - those with dry skin or razor rash.
Best used - after splashing the face with cold water, and underneath a good moisturiser.
Most important of all; a sharp blade, hot water and a little TLC.