Men's Grooming Tips: Should I be using a serum?

men's facial serumsSerums are packed with beneficial skin nutrients, they're absorbed into the skin much quicker than gels & creams, and the results can be witnessed really quickly. We asked our resident grooming expert to shine some light on men's facial serums. Who needs to use them, who will benefit and how to apply it.

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men's facial serums
anthony vitamin a serum
Dr Dennis Gross Firming Serum

Men's Grooming Tips: Should I be using a serum?

Serums are formulated with a high concentration of potent ingredients to feed the skin with the nutrients it requires. The consistency of a serum makes it easier for the skin to absorb the nutritious benefits and also allows it to travel deeper into the lower layers. The results can usually be witnessed much quicker than using creams or gels.

Serums aren't essential for everybody though. Using such a high concentration of 'skin feed' will usually benefits those who:

Have ageing skin
Have very dry skin
Have skin which needs to be firmed
or those who need a quick fix to brighten their complexion when the skin looks tired.

Used in conjunction with your moisturiser, your serum will draw your face cream deep into the skin and enhance its benefits.

How to use a face serum

Let's face it (no pun intended) serums aren't cheap so using them properly is essential. 

Firstly, unless otherwise stated your serum should be applied to the skin before your moisturiser.

Try to keep contact with the fingers to a minimum. Your hands are one of the most dehydrated parts of your body and will absorb your lotions and potions much faster than the skin on your face will. To make sure your serum goes into your face and not your hands, simply 'swipe' your serum over the face and leave it. Do not massage it into the skin. If you feel the need to massage it into the skin then you will have to use more of the product to ensure it reaches its destination.

Once you have applied your serum, pat your face cream over the top of it and again leave it to soak in.

When should I use my serum and how often?

Following the guidelines on the packet will point you in the right direction, but you know your skin best. When you feel the need the apply something slightly more intense, use your serum. I would recommend using a serum two or three times per week. However, if you have very dry skin you should use an appropriate serum everyday.

For ageing skin: Anthony Logistics Vitamin A Treatment Serum

For dry skin: Karin Herzog Vita A Combi Facial Oil

For skin which needs to be firmer: Dr Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Firming Serum

Burning the candle at both ends? For a fresh face when you feel less than alert, try Nickel's Electro Shock Treatment Serum. It offers a full nights sleep in a bottle.

Questions? As always, feel free to drop us a line. One of our men's grooming experts will get right back to you, grooming[@] is the address.