Meet The Founders: RON DORFF

Ron DorffWe meet the brains behind one of the world's leading sporting brands, RON DORFF. Claus Lindorff & Jérôme Touron developed a collection of gym and sporting attire that oozes class and issues style. The RON DORFF range also featrures the Skargard Male Grooming collection that uses the natural waters of Sweden to deliver an after-sport experience like no other. Claus and Jerome talk us through the good, the bad and the down-right wrong when it comes to male grooming.

ron dorffNames: Claus Lindorff & Jérôme Touron

Brand: RON DORFF Paris-Stockholm

Tell us about the brand & the concept....

RON DORFF is a French-Swedish brand that redefines the codes of men’s sportswear, combining Scandinavian functionalism with a Parisian twist. Classic. Functional. Timeless.

Where did the name come from?

It’s the combination of our two names: TouRON and LinDORFF. 
‘Paris-Stockholm’ refers to our two home cities.

Where did the inspiration come from?

From Scandinavian design and functionalism as well as Paris. It’s a balance between our French and Swedish origins. But the inspiration also comes from iconic sportsmen like Björn Borg, Mark Spitz and Arthur Ashe, as well as iconic image makers like Hockney, Muybridge or Helmut Newton.

What's your favourite product from the collection and why?

Our DISCIPLINE IS NOT A DIRTY WORD sweatshirt in grey melange. Can be worn at the gym, at home, outside, even at work with a white shirt. Another favourite is the SKÄRGÅRD grooming line, 100% made in Sweden with an original, fresh fragrance inspired by the bracing winds of the Swedish archipelago.


ron dorff


How would you define male grooming?

For us it’s a about clean, simple beauty. It’s not about changing yourself but about helping you achieve the optimal version of yourself. Nothing more.

What do you consider to be grooming ‘faux pas'?

Anything too visible.

Any famous faces use your products?

Alexander Skarsgard, Jake Gyllenhaal, Stephen Gan, William Meynard, Rainer Iveson…

What makes you laugh?

How ironic life is.



What's your proudest moment?

Every morning when you wake ready to face another day.

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Describe yourself in 3 words

Disciplined of course, optimistic or sarcastic depending the day.

5 pieces of advice you would give to get the most out of your products

Wear them, live with them, work with them, take care of them and why not make love in them.

Who's your hero and why?

Without hesitation, Andy Warhol, for his art and philosophy.

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