Korres Absinthe Shave Cream

korres absinthe shave creamAn indepth look into Korres Absinthe Shave Cream, its contents and its performance. The benefits of shaving with an alcohol rich shave cream.

korres absinthe shave creamKorres Absinthe Shave Cream is a brushless shaving formula, formulated at a lower pH than regular lathering creams. The reduced pH level prevents the skin from becoming rough. If you suffer from an adverse reaction to shaving, Korres Absinthe Shave Cream will help to expedite the healing process. Packed with moisturising qualities, this non-lathering shaving cream coats the hairs in a mineral rich shaving lubricant which assists your blade's glide.


Why Absinthe?


Absinthe is an alcohol rich formula which helps to reduce the onset of ingrown hairs and razor rash. Most post-shave astringents contain high levels of alcohol to soothe the skin after shaving. Korres Absinthe Shave Cream has the alcohol already in the formula so it prevents problems rather than treating them. The high glycerin content supports the skin's natural ability to protect the skin and leaves a soothing / moisturising 'film' of mineral rich essential oils.



  • those who shave daily,
  • those who have little time to shave.