Hairstyle: Get The Look - Long Top, Short Sides

Get The Look, Short Sides, Long Top

Men's Hair Styles 2015

Get The Look - Long Top, Short Sides


Men's Hairstyles, Long Top, Short SidesWhat To Tell The Barber


The hair needs to be clipped around the sides. Depending on how dark your hair is, you should use a low grade.


Dark brown or black hair? Use a low grade. Lighter hair? Use a medium grade. Note: if the hair is clipped too short you'll lose the look as your skin will be over-exposed.


On top: the hair should be cut using the scissor over comb technique. Ask the barber to retain length and add texture.


How To Achieve The Style


Wash the hair with a volumising shampoo and follow with a similar conditioner. We recommend Reference of Sweden Volume Shampoo. If you have fine hair, don't use conditioner before trying to style as the hair will become too soft. Towel dry the hair and comb it through to remove any tangles.


Next, dry the hair using a hair dryer. It should be on medium power setting with medium heat. Holding the hair dryer with one hand, use the other hand to stroke the hair backwards, making this movement repeatedly.

 Men's Hairstyles, Long Top, Short Sides2

Once the hair is dry you'll need to add some support to the roots. Use Sacahujuan Root Lift or Reference of Sweden Root to Top. To apply it, separate the hair using the fingers and spray the product directly onto the roots. This will help to support the hair and add longevity to your style.


To finish, you'll need to decide if you want a matte or glossy finish. For a matte finish use Reference of Sweden Rough Wax,  for a glossy finish use Baxter of California Hard Water Pomade. To apply, warm a small amount of the product between your fingers (not the palms) and stroke the hair backwards and slightly to the side where the hair naturally lies.


If you have very fine hair, secure the look using a strong hold hair spray. We recommend Sachajuan Strong Hold Hair Spray.



 The Products You'll Need To Create This Look:


Baxter of California Hard Water Pomade

Baxter of California Hard Water Pomade

Gives a firm hold with pliability.

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 Ref Rough Wax

Reference of Sweden Rough Wax

A non-greasy wax that gives a matte finish and strong hold.

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Reference of Sweden Volume Shampoo

Reference of Sweden Sulphate-Free Volume Shampoo

A volumising formula that helps to hold the style from the roots up.

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Sachajuan Strong Hoid Hairspray

Sachajuan Strong Hold Hair Spray

Uses ocean-silk technology to secure the look.

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