How To Achieve a Really Close Shave

how to shaveShaving is an arduous task so we've enlisted the help of men's grooming expert, Steven O'Neill. Here Steven shares his top tips on how to achieve a really close shave and what products to use to maximise your shaves performance.

how to shave
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Shaving, something 99% of men have no option but do, can be an arduous task. Reducing the frequency of shaving can save time and save your skin, not to mention saving a small fortune on blades.


If you shave properly, your razor will cut the hairs as close to the skin as possible and coincidentally, this will result in slower re-growth.



To help you get it just right, we've enlisted the help of our resident grooming guru, Steven O'Neill. Here are his top tips for achieving a closer shave.



Always use a sharp blade. To reduce the amount of blades you go through, try sharpening them with RazorPit. Working on a similar process to that of a traditional barber's strop, RazorPit removes dirt and sharpens the cartridge, thus extending its life span.



Splash the face with warm water to open the pores and soften the hairs. Opening the pores exposes the hair more and allows your blade increased contact with the base of the hair shaft.



Use a shave brush, if you have one, and work your shave cream into the growth in circular motions. This will ensure maximum coverage and reduce irritation.



If you don't have a shave brush that's fine, too. Simply lather your product in the palms of your hand's and work it into the growth in upward strokes. This goes against the natural direction of the hair growth and ensures that your product makes contact with the skin.



You should cover each area of the face with your blade, twice. Once in the direction of the hair growth and the second time working in lateral strokes from ear to nose. This will make sure your face is completely hair-free and ensure your shave is super close. I recommend trying Gentlemen's Tonic Traditional Shave Cream, it's soft, smooth and leaves a really good 'finish.'



After shaving, splash the face with cold water, as cold as you can bare it and continue with you usual skincare routine.



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