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Dion Nash founded Triumph & Disaster after a successful career in professional cricket. His philosophy has always been to create the very best skincare preparations using sustainable techniques. Working with indigenous ingredients sourced from New Zealand, Australia, Polynesia and Mexico, Triumph & Disaster fuses nature with science to create formulations that deliver results. From Old Fashioned Shave Cream to Volcanic Ash Face Scrub, this collection of performance-driven grooming tools ensures that your skin is kept in perfect form. Triumph & Disaster is the modern day hero of the male grooming world.

When Triumph & Disaster founder Dion Nash set up the company, he used inspiration from a Rudyard Kipling poem given to him by his father years earlier. 

The poem features advice from a father to his rebelling son about how to be a man, with the pertinent line being the iconic words of; ‘if you can meet with Triumph & Disaster and treat those two imposters just the same’. On the back of that poem, and that line, the brand Triumph & Disaster was born.

The company has created a range of skincare products for men which harness natural ingredients from around the globe, harnessing the best of science with that of mother nature. Ingredients such as Horopito oil and Ponga fern extract work alongside elements such as Polynesian Tamanu oil and Jojoba extract from Mexico to produce special formulas.

Sustainability is also a priority for Triumph & Disaster, and the business has been built on the ethos of developing products of ritual and preparation in a sustainable fashion.

Perhaps one of the most popular products in the Triumph & Disaster range is the Gameface Moisturiser. Designed to serve and protect men from the elements, it’s engineered to be light on the skin and easily absorbed, giving hours of moist skin with improved elasticity and toning.

Moisturising is a vital part of the daily grooming routine. Applying a moisturiser helps your skin to maintain its natural barrier against the elements and keep the moisture locked in. The Gameface Moisturiser does this using some amazing natural ingredients, such as the Ponga fern, Horopito oil and other essential oils. It’s also fragranced with what is described as ‘smoke and wood’. 

Going back to the roots of the company and the father-son relationship, the Triumph & Disaster Shave Cream is a reminder of the skill of shaving which is passed down from father to son, generation to generation. This fantastic shaving cream is a nod back to the olden days, mixed in with a modern, high-performance formula.

There are hints of an old-fashioned Turkish barbershop along with bright, fresh citrus tones and medicinal notes. One of the key ingredients here is the Lanolin, a natural emollient which is rich in natural oils which help to moisturise and protect your skin. For the full shaving experience, why not purchase one of the Triumph & Disaster Silvertip Synthetic Fibre shaving brush.

Finally, it would be remiss of us to discuss the Triumph & Disaster male grooming range without looking at some of the hair products the company develops. The Triumph & Disaster Shampoo is available in three sizes and is pretty popular thanks to its natural formulation and fresh, peppermint notes. It includes Tazman pepper to help treat the scalp and a rich keratin formula which helps to repair the hair by adding volume and structure. It’s a great shampoo and will also lead you the way of the other excellent hair products in the range, including the Triumph & Disaster Conditioner.

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Triumph & Disaster Coltrane Hair Clay
Sale priceFrom Dhs. 56.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster Fibre Royale
Sale priceFrom Dhs. 56.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster Rock & Roll Face Scrub | 145g
Sale priceDhs. 111.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster A Face Cleanser
Sale priceDhs. 111.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster YLF Wash | 500ml
Sale priceDhs. 130.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster Game Face Moisturiser | Jar - 100ml
Sale priceDhs. 185.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster A+R Soap | 130g
Sale priceDhs. 46.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster Ponsonby Pomade | 95g
Sale priceDhs. 97.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster Shampoo | 500ml
Sale priceDhs. 116.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster Game Face Moisturiser | Tube 90ml
Sale priceDhs. 171.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster Shearer's Soap | 130g
Sale priceDhs. 46.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster Blanco Deodorant | 50ml
Sale priceDhs. 81.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster Deodorant - Spice | 50ml
Sale priceDhs. 81.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster Karekare Hair Tonic | 150ml
Sale priceDhs. 92.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster Jaggr Lip Balm | 30ml
Sale priceDhs. 51.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster Logic Toner | 250ml
Sale priceDhs. 120.00 AED
Triumph & Disaster Little Helper Hand Wash | 500ml
Sale priceDhs. 109.00 AED
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Triumph & Disaster No Dice SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen (100ml)
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