Eight & Bob

Award-winning fragrances worn by J.F.K.

Eight & Bob

Eight & Bob is one of the world's most exclusive colognes and is preferred by some of the most elegant men on the planet.

The original Eight & Bob fragrances were created by Frenchman Albert Fouquet in the early twentieth century, himself part of the elite French society of the time. Men the world over argue that the fragrance cannot be rivalled, and it's highly likely that the history behind the fragrances cannot be either.

Fouquet originally developed the fragrances himself in an upper room of the family chateau. Assisted by the family butler, Fouquet perfected the essences for himself and had no intention to make them commercially available. He would attend elite social events in Paris at which the scent of his cologne would attract many admirers, none of whom were successful in convincing him to enter the marketplace.

In the summer of 1937, a chance meeting on the French Riviera saw his fragrances attract a thrust to a new market, and put the cologne on the path to its brand name it bears today. Eight & Bob.

A young American student by the name of John F Kennedy was touring the Cote D'Azur and was instantly taken by the essence that Albert Fouquet wore. He managed to convince Fouquet to leave a sample for him, which he did at the hotel reception the following morning. It was accompanied by a note that read;

"In this bottle, you will find the dash of French glamour that your American personality lacks."

When Fouquet returned to Paris, he received a note from JFK who was now back at home in America. The note told of the success and popularity that his fragrance samples had enjoyed and requested a further eight samples be sent, "and if your production allows, another one for Bob".

Fouquet took great time and care in sourcing bottles to fill with the cologne, ensuring they looked impressive enough. He ordered special boxes to be made for the cologne to fit in to, the design matching the JFK's shirt material he wore when they met.

The colognes were labelled, "Eight & Bob".

Through JFK's father, Eight & Bob fragrances had found their way to some of Hollywood's leading men. Fouquet began to receive letters from luminaries such as Cary Grant and James Stewart, requesting Eight & Bob.

Tragically, the spread of Eight & Bob was halted in 1939 when Fouquet was killed in an automobile accident. The family butler, Phillippe, continued to fulfil orders for a short time hiding bottles in books when they were mailed to America. All orders ceased shortly after when World War II started and Phillippe left his job with the family.

The legacy of both Fouquet and Phillippe was not lost though. Thanks to Phillippe's family, the formula for Eight & Bob was recovered along with its production process and it remains available around the world today to society's elite.

Eight & Bob Original Eau de Parfum is available to buy here not only as a cologne, but also presented in a book-style box, a nod toward the fascinating history behind the fragrance. This stylish and elegant fragrance delivers a highly-sophisticated and exquisite essence.

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    Eight & Bob Cap d'Antibes Eau de Parfum (100ml)
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    Eight & Bob Champs de Provence Eau de Parfum (100ml)
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    Eight & Bob Deodorant - Original (75ml)
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    Eight & Bob Nuit de Megève - Travel Size (20ml)
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