D R Harris Shampoo

D R Harris Shampoo Comes In Bar Form – Is That Really Better For Your Hair?

D R Harris shampoo is made by people who understand what hair care is all about. Amongst their many products is a shampoo bar that is natural and gives you a great finish on your hair. It is claimed that bar shampoos are better for you and the environment than liquid ones. Is that really true?

Bar shampoos are one of the few mens hair products that are looked at with something of a confused expression – how is it used? What does it do? What’s in it? What’s the point of it? But it doesn’t have to be that way. Shampoo bars were what we used to use before liquid shampoo was invented; they are exactly like bars of soap, but specifically formulated for hair. Most shampoo bars (including the ones from D R Harris) are made from natural ingredients, so they are better for us and the world around us. In order to get a good lather, many liquid shampoos contain chemicals which strip the natural oils from our hair and scalps. These chemicals aren’t in shampoo bars, so although the lather might not be as impressive, the cleaning process is much better. Using a shampoo bar rather than a liquid shampoo in your male grooming routine can make a big difference. Many men report that a shampoo bar gives their hair extra shine and softness, that their hair grows faster, and that they don’t get as much – or any – dandruff. Just bear in mind that, because it’s natural, a shampoo bar will have an expiry date, which is usually around six months after opening.

D R Harris shampoo is available to buy from The Grooming Clinic (http://www.thegroomingclinic.com/). Here you can find the ideal hair care products – including D R Harris shampoo bars – that will give you the look you want when it comes to getting your style just right.