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A Grooming Classic Taking The Guesswork Out of Men's Skincare

Founded in 1995, Zirh is one of the original premium men's skincare collections. The brand was developed to give guys the opportunity to look their best and feel great without having to break the bank or break into their wive's toiletry bag. The collection encompasses every part of the grooming regime; from shaving creams and serums to scrubs and face washes, Zirh have it covered.

The products harness the latest in skincare technology to deliver tangible results through products which simply work. The finest ingredients are refined and blended into the formulas to ensure an outstanding level of quality and efficiacy are maintained throughout.

The hero product from the collection is Zirh Clean. This a face wash formulated with Alpha Hydroxy Acid to remove excess shine and sebum from the skin whilst minimising the impact on the skin's natural state.

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