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Proverb - Life Fuelled Skincare for Men

If you’re looking for a British healthcare brand that truly cares about your physical and mental wellbeing, then Proverb could be the one.

Created by a former elite rugby player, a leading beautician and a rower that competed for Great Britain, you instantly get a feel for what this brand is out to do. Proverb states its mission is to inspire men to feel better about their skin, body and mindset, while it avoids adding things such as petroleum, SLS and artificial fragrance to its products.

It's all about being healthy, defined and as natural as possible. And with a team of founders like that, it’s no surprise that this brand is on-track to do just that.

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Proverb is still a small company and its success is built around its six core skincare products, catering to either dry skin or oily skin.

Proverb Cleanse and Shave Nutrient Mud has already won an award in 2018 for its high-quality and noticeable results. It’s a daily moisturising product that aims to strengthen and protect dry skin and its packed with clay minerals to clarify the skin. Applying daily should help to reduce the stress on the skin that is caused by the routine of shaving.

Its rich in zinc, especially good for those who suffer with eczema, while the magnesium minerals will help fight of fatigue in the skin. It’s a great product that has already attracted a lot of attention already.

Talking of attention, another of Proverb’s leading products has enjoyed its fair share of attention too. The Skin-Strengthening Serum has been featured in GQ magazine and has also received many positive reviews as one of the company’s flagship products.

It’s an intensive daily anti-ageing serum that should be applied under moisturiser. It helps the skin to become hydrated and stay hydrated, a key element of maintaining healthy skin. It’s a bit like a vitamin shot for your skin, and definitely worth trying out if you’re looking for a serum that has proven popular for other men.

The Proverb Hydration Pro Moisturiser is also deserving of your attention. It’s a daily moisturiser product that will help hydrate your skin, while also strengthening, toning and protecting it. It’s also got some anti-ageing qualities about it, so it’s well worth checking out and adding to your skincare collection.

Whether you’re already sold on these, and Proverb’s other products, or not, the company has done one thing really well, and that is to provide starter kits so you can test the products for yourself.

There are two starter kits available, a Hydration Pro Starter Kit or the Oil Balance Pro Starter Kit. Each kit contains three small samples of each product in the range, allowing you to begin using them in the recommended way and see if you notice the benefits. It saves you investing in the full-size products right off the bat and is perhaps an indication of the confidence that Proverb’s owners have in their range of products.

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