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Nexxus: New York Salon Hair Care delivered direct to your door

Nexxus has arrived within the UK – direct from the big apple and ready to revolutionise the at-home hair treatment experience

Nexxus is a brand of balance, where each shampoo and conditioner within the range has been designed in parallel to work together, alongside a final step product for a complete system – providing for deep, salon worthy nourishment without leaving hair weighed down. Yet beyond these perfectly balanced three step systems lies a range of products that have been developed over the course of 30 years – infused with an array of precious ingredients and empowered by the input of science.

Nexxus: From the inventor of the modern day conditioner

Jheri Redding, founder of Nexxus, began his brand’s story in 1979 with the invention of what would become our modern day conditioner.

Today the collection of products that are available within our store for direct to your door delivery are each defined by the Nexxus’ founder’s belief that the secret to hair brought to life was protein treatments. This belief, and an unrelenting focus upon product development and research, has seen Nexxus transform into brand that is iconic.

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Welcome to a transformative collection of products

The Nexxus range has been designed to be an all-encompassing unisex collection of products – boasting fresh, light fragrances and hair care solutions to overcome common follicle problems for the modern man and woman alike.


The Nutritive system provides dramatically replenished hair that isn’t weighed down by conditioners. Ideal for those who are seeking a boost to their hair’s strength, flexibly and fluidity.


The Emergencée reconstructive system is an intense treatment for rebalancing, restoring a refortifying even the most damaged of hair. The three step process works at the deepest levels to repair the internal structure of the fibres within your hair – resulting in hair that is stronger, revitalised and more resilient than ever.


The Oil Infinite system helps overcome previously unmanageable hair through products that utilise sophisticated oil infusion techniques. Created with natural Babassu and Marula Oils this regime will completely renew the texture of your hair without providing for the heavy feeling that many oil based products do – leaving you with fluidly beautiful hair.


Volume, shine and vitality may have been the Holy Trinity that was unachievable for many. That is until now, with the Youth Renewal rejuvenating system, where 100% pure Elastin Protein and Liquid Pearl work together in a perfect equilibrium to reinvigorate each and every strand of your hair. 

Nexxus: Luxury salon treatments – with the results to match – all at price points that compete with High Street hair brands.

The Grooming Clinic: Free delivery for orders of £20 or more, plus loyalty points for each product you buy

We’re proud to present the Nexxus range of products as a handpicked retailer of this now iconic New York Salon. Yet beyond our product ranges lies two further reasons to shop online with us: our free delivery service, for orders over £20 for UK residents and £50 for European customers, and a loyalty scheme for points upon every product you purchase.

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