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Get Your Tattoo Vibe Grooving With Electric Ink

Electric Ink, a phrase more commonly associated with the mounting of creative artwork on ones body, is now synonymous with great skincare, well great skincare for those with tattoos. Founded by a team of tattoo junkies, Electric Ink uses some really impressive skincare technology to get the best out of your tattoo. The range brings vibrancy, accuracy and standalone brilliance to your tattoo using a unique molecule called Liftonin®-Xpert; an intelligent collagen booster that’s particularly beneficial to those with tattooed skin.
Liftonin®-Xpert reduces stretching of the skin, carries anti-ageing properties and soothes and calms with an anti-inflammatory effect. The molecule works by stimulating the skin’s natural collagen reserves to boost vitality and improve elasticity, this protects your tattoo from becoming distorted as the skin ages.
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The Products

There are 3 products in the Electric Ink collection, all have been formulated to maximise and sustain the intensity of your artwork.
Electric Ink Daily Moisturiser contains a blend of nourishing actives to keep your ink bold and intense. Liftonin®-Xpert boosts collagen, Inca Inchi Oil boosts hydration and supports elasticity whilst Vitamin E Acetate helps to prevent sun damage and fading.
Vibrancy Serum is the hero product from the Electric Ink collection, in our opinion, and should be used daily to keep your ink looking pukka! It carries a slight sheen to it which gives your tattoo a slight glow and makes it look incredibly fresh. Amino Acids condition the skin and and improve clarity.
Defining Body Oil can be used as a triumph-weekly treatment to nourish the skin and give your ink a boost. Coconut Oil charges the skin with moisture whilst White Lupin Seed Extract firms the skin to help to stop the area from stretching.

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