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David Colbert MD is New York's leading Dermatologist, called upon by anyone who's anyone. His Triad facial is his signature treatment, and after huge demand for similar effects in between visits to his 5th Avenue practice, Dr. Colbert developed Colbert MD's at home skincare line to maintain and 'better' the skin in the comfort of your own home. His clientele list can only be likened to the guest list for the Oscars, with a massive celebrity following who return week after week to bring their skin into perfect form.

What makes Colbert MD different?

The Colbert regime uses the unique Triad Delivery System™ which has been developed by Dr David Colbert to deliver vital repairative nutrients deeper into the lower layers of the dermis to generate better results. Unlike other formulas, Colbert MD delivers active ingredients into the demris whilst active nutrients treat the skin topically giving the perfect, well-rounded treatment -  the skin is quite literally treated from every angle.

What are the must-have products?

"It's hard to pick as they're all so effective, but number one has to be the Intensify Facial Discs, they're an absolute essential, and in my opinion every man should have a box of these in his bathroom," says male grooming expert and TGC co-founder Graham Matthews. "They are the very best way to prepare the skin for your products and act like a tri-weekly gentle microdermabrasion," he says. Stilumate, The Serum, is also a must-have Colbert MD product, it's packed full of active nutrients to treat and repair the skin whilst helping to hold back the years.


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