Buy Mens Perfume

Buy Mens Perfume But Avoid These Common Mistakes

Buy mens perfume – it’s a great idea and it is absolutely on trend - and looks as though it will be for some time to come. Buying online means you have greater flexibility and choice than anywhere else. Additionally, if you are a little unsure or shy about exercising your right to smell fantastic, then you don’t even have to let anyone know.

Once you have bought your mens perfume, however, there are some basic etiquette rules that you should follow that will ensure you don’t make a fragrance faux pas. Firstly, don’t overdo it. It may smell wonderful – in fact, it will smell wonderful - but be aware that too much of anything is a bad thing. With fragrances, this applies even more. Buying a great perfume and then using too much of it in one go is not polite – two sprays should be enough. Secondly, there is a special technique when it comes to applying your recently purchased perfume; spray it from six inches away. If you don’t, you’ll end up with one spot of concentrated odour and nothing else. Plus, where’s the best place to put your perfume? It’s on your chest. Finally, you need to know when not to wear your signature scent at all. Sometimes it’s just not the right time, and just because you’ve bought this new addition to your male grooming regimen that doesn’t mean you should always spray it on. It’s best not to wear your perfume on a plane or other small, crowded space, or the beach where it can interfere with the natural smells of sand and sea. And if you wear it for work, make sure you buy a scent that is light and fresh.

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