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The Evolution of Man's Skincare Regime

Mens Skincare

Typically, most men grew up watching their fathers apply some Oldspice aftershave, deodorant, and maybe some lotion as the complete skincare regime every morning.  If any men incorporated things like face wash or moisturizers, it was probably something they kept in secrete because their significant other made them try it and they liked it.

Today’s modern man is not your daddy’s stubborn and tough façade that was once the expectation just a decade or so ago.  Now, most men not only are comfortable with trying products to improve their skin’s softness, suppleness, and complexion: they embrace it!  The demand for men’s skincare products has skyrocketed over the past few years, nearly doubling every year for some companies.

Demand for Healthier Skin

Vanity is of course something that exists in all of us to some degree.  Men, even before this emerging trend of skincare popularity, have always loved grooming to best their competition and get the girl.  It’s just human nature.  With that said, though, this evolution of man’s skincare regimen really owes a lot to a higher demand for healthier skin. 

Health and self-care is becoming normalized, especially for the youth, who normally worry about taking care of what they have when they start to see it fade away.  There are various theories as to why health has taken on more of a key role in our lives, but one thing is for sure: our skin is our greatest asset for both maintaining a healthy physical appearance, as well as a mental one. 

Look good, Feel good

One way that men can boost their confidence is by turning back the clock and reversing some of the abuse they often put their skin through.  Hands and feet are definitely the biggest casualties, but faces are what potential mates focus on, so that’s why it has become so easy for men to simply pick up all the new and wonderful man-centric facial creams and rejuvenation products.

In the past, part of the reason why more progressive or “metrosexual” men got so much flak from their guy friends is because the only products they could use to take care of their skin at the time were those made for women; pink bottles and all.  Now, we have a whole section in the skin care isles dedicated to men’s products that are more than just marketing gimmicks, they are actually formulated to better serve men with oily, rough, or damaged faces.

The Future of ‘Manly’

Modern man’s skin care is all about getting results and less about the ritual of it all.  Men’s skincare lines are proverbial Swiss Army Knives, including all the moisturizing, conditioning, exfoliating, and healing agents in convenient packages.  They can get their sunscreen with their moisturizer and their face masks with rejuvenating compounds.  This stuff exists with women’s skin care lines, but it’s more common with how the men’s industry is headed. 

Essentially, all men will eventually incorporate 1 or 2 skin care products that are used specifically to enhance the health of their skin, not just as a byproduct of shaving or beard grooming.  Growing up, men had to rely on their immediate family for beauty tips, now it’s all about global trends and, ultimately, competition.  Men will need to think outside the toolbox if they want to woo the ladies of this millennium.

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Tried & Tested - Verso Foaming Cleanser

Verso Foaming Cleanser

Tried & Tested - Verso Foaming Cleanser


Name: Graham Matthews (Co Founder of The Grooming Clinic)

Age: 49

Skin Type: Low maintenance, slight shine

Product: Verso Foaming Cleanser

Customers who purchase this are: 63% female, 37% male


As I see it, if you don’t clear the grime from your face then your skincare products aren't getting to where they need to be so a decent face wash is absolutely essential. Being completely honest I’ve tended to steer clear of foaming face washes, but then came along Verso's Foaming Cleanser and completely changed that.


I always measure a good face wash by how it leaves my skin feeling post-use and whether or not it has the ability to clear-out my slightly dilated pores, this foaming magic satisfies both. Unlike other foaming cleansers, Verso’s has more of a gel-like texture to it and has a 2-way approach to cleaning the skin. There’s a bit of foam, but not a huge amount which is good, and then there’s a creamy gel that glides across the skin and helps to keep the skin’s natural moisture intact. This dual phase cleaning approach means the skin is left free from grime and dirt whilst retaining a soft and hydrated touch and this is exactly what you want and need from your face wash.


How is the foam created?

The foaming action in Verso’s Foaming Cleanser comes from Coco-Betaine, a surfactant naturally found in coconuts. It’s commonly found in baby products and called upon for it’s gentle approach to lifting oil and dirt from the skin without causing irritation.


How does the face feel post-use?

My skin feels soft and hydrated, exactly what I look for in a cleanser. I don’t like my skin to feel taught after washing so Verso’s Foaming Cleanser scores 10/10 for that.


What are the key ingredients?

Carica Papaya Fruit Extract - this a natural exfoliant extracted from the flesh of the Papaya fruit. It gentle lifts dirt and dead skin from the face without the need for an abrasive. This is essential for those with sensitive or reddened skin. It also has powerful anti-bacterial properties meaning it neutralises nasties that the skin picks up throughout the day, the ones that usually cause spots!


Mangifera Indica Fruit Extract - found naturally in Mangos, this anti-viral and anti-oxidant extract treats the skin to a shot of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both of which help to detoxify and remove impurities. Mango Extract has also been reported to improve skin elasticity and promote new skin cell growth.


How often should I you use it?

Preferably twice daily but if you're anything like me then once daily daily it is!


Find it here >>

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Swissdent Biocare Toothpaste Launches In The UK

Swissdent Biocare Toothpaste Launches In The UK

Swissdent Biocare


Swiss dental cosmetics collection Swissdent is paving a whole new path through the dentistry arena. Its latest (and in our opinion greatest) launch sees tooth whitening and tooth health both catered for by a toothpaste carrying a blend of enamel shielding ingredients that gently lift staining whilst enhancing the tooth’s protective outer barrier.


A unique blend of herbal ingredients has been fused with the latest in dental technology to support not only the teeth but also the gums. Hyaluronic Acid, more commonly associated with facial moisturisers and best known for its ultra-powerful hydrating properties, has been worked into the formula to improve gum health and condition the tissue within the mouth. What’s more, this Toothpaste has a low-abrasive approach to cleaning the teeth meaning that the enamel isn’t damaged nor compromised during use.


How does Biocare remove stains?

Swissdent's founder and Cosmetic Dentist, Dr Velkoborsky, specialises in removing discolouration from heavily stained teeth and realised the need for a gentle whitening formula that was both mineralising and whitening, therefore protecting the teeth whilst maintaining performance. Dr Velkoborsky discovered the whitening effect that an enzyme found naturally in Papaya has on the teeth. Papain is a protein found in the fruit and when applied to the teeth it gently breaks down staining and reveals a whiter, more youthful looking finish. Dr Velkoborsky has used this exact ingredient since 2006 with great success.


Other ingredients to note:

L-Arginine - an amino acid also found it protein-rich foods. It stimulates blood flow, reduces the risk of dental decay and reduces sensitivity. L-Arginine has also been proven to break-down dental plaque.


Gotu Kola Extract - commonly found in Chinese and Ayurvedic (Indian) medicines, this herb has been proven to treat bacterial and parasitic infections. In the mouth it helps to naturally destroy decay-causing bacteria.


Find Swissdent Biocare Toothpaste here >

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By Graham: My Summer Essential Male Grooming Products

Summer Essential Male Grooming Products

By Graham: My Summer Essential Male Grooming Products

When you're on-the-go it's important to maintain your grooming game. We've enlisted the help of male grooming expert and TGC founder, Graham Matthews, to talk us through his travel essentials. Here's what he had to say;


During summer time, I’m here, there and just about everywhere so I need a core collection of items that will slip into my case taking minimal space and still keep me looking (and smelling) on top form. The 100ml liquids restriction at airport security has to be catered for too, just incase I go case-free and chuck everything into my hand luggage.


The Scent:

Well, there’s 2 actually. I think it’s important to have a day and night signature when it comes to fragrance. By day it has to be Escentric 01 by Escentric Molecules. It comes in a 30ml bottle too which is super-handy. I carry with me everywhere I go and spritz throughout the day. It’s fresh but not overly citrus-y, it’s light enough for daily wear and always gets heads turning - people always ask me what it is I’m wearing. By night I like to wear something a little sharper and soothing, so Arlington Cologne by D R Harris is my first choice. It smells like a true gent, it really does depict a gentlemen in every sense of the word. It’s regal, refreshing and damn handsome, It also comes in 30ml bottle which scores it a few extra bonus points.



I’m partial to to a bit of teeth whitening so keeping my tooth enamel in perfect condition is top of my agenda when it comes to oral care. I’ve been using Swissdent Extreme Toothpaste for the past couple of years but recently I’ve switched to Swissdent’s newest release, Biocare. It’s a low-abrasive toothpaste which is an absolute must for me but it still has the ability to lift staining from the surface. What’s more, it actually builds a shield on the surface of the teeth to help with acid erosion and stain prevention.


Face Scrub:

Anthony’s Face Scrub comes in 60ml travel friendly bottle which is a staple in my washbag. Why do I use it? I like the fact that Anthony have perfected the exfoliant to gel ratio meaning the scrub isn’t too coarse and you can use it on a daily basis without the risk of over exfoliating your skin. It’s carries a fresh orange and grapefruit which makes it a genuine pleasure to use.



My moisturiser is my wingman. It’s got to be readily absorbed by the skin and mustn’t leave a shiny finish on my face. Recipe for Men’s SPF15 Facial Moisturiser is a real winner. It’s packs-in hydration without leaving the skin feeling smothered or congested and also carries built-in sun protection. If the temperature starts to rise however, I head straight for Heliocare’s Dry Touch Oil-free Gel as it defends against UVA, UVB and Infrared damage through its SPF50 protection. Whilst we’re talking Heliocare, I can honestly say that I’ve never used a sun protection product that rivals it, the formulas and the technology are simply outstanding.


What’s in your wash bag? Share your essentials with us by leaving a comment below.


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Male Grooming Essentials - 5 Summer Must-Haves

Male Grooming Essentials - 5 Summer Must-Haves


With the holiday season in full swing, we thought we’d fill you in on what’s hot right now in the male grooming domain and what you should be stocking up on during the summer months.

 Molecule 01


1. Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

We wax lyrical about this, and rightly so. Out of almost 3000 products available on the site, this is the best-selling and most popular. It’s a scent like no other and once you’re hooked there’s no going back. It’s light and fresh enough for the beach yet effective enough to catch the attention of passers by at night time. If you’re wanting to turn heads, Molecule 01 is definitely for you.

Find it here >

 The Refinery Face Wash


2. The Refinery Face Wash

When it comes to cleansing the skin we want something that’s super-effective at lifting the dirt, but doesn’t dry the skin or strip it of its natural moisture. It’s tough find something that does both but we’ve discovered it. The Refinery Face Wash uses a gentle blend of essential oils to clean and treat the skin with the welcomed assistance of glycerin to hydrate and nourish the face.

Find it here >

 Ab Crew Cutting Body Hydrator


3. AB Crew Cutting Body Hydrator

In recent weeks we’ve seen a massive up-turn in sales for the Cutting body Hydrator. It uses a unique blend of marine complexes to tighten the skin and helps to break down fat beneath the surface, not to mention leaving the body smooth, soft and perfectly moisturised.

Find it here >

 Heliocare 360 Dry Touch Oil Free Gel


4. Heliocare 360 Dry Touch Oil-Free Gel SPF50

Fed up of looking like Casper the friendly ghost after applying your sun cream? Not any longer. Step aside face whitening sun creams, Heliocare’s 360 Dry Touch Air Gel is coming through. It sinks into the skin really quickly, protects against UVA, UVB and also Infra-red Light, and also leaves a matte finish on the skin. What’s not to love? One thing is for sure, team TGC will all be using this this summer.

Find it here >

 Jack Black Clean Break Oil Free Moisturizer


5. Jack Black Clean Break Oil Free Moisturizer

It’s matte all-the-way these days when it comes to skincare and no product does it better than Clean Break by Jack Black. It gives the skin a shot of hydration with a lightweight, rapidly absorbed gel-like lotion whilst keeping the face free of shine and oil build-up.

Find it here >

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Jack Black Clean Break Oil Free Moisturiser Lands in the UK

Jack Black Clean Break Oil Free Moisturiser

Jack Black Clean Break Oil Free Moisturiser Lands in the UK

Oily, shiny skin? Fear not. Jack Black’s Clean Break Oil Free Moisturiser is here to help. The successor of Jack Black’s All Day Oil Control Lotion, which has now been discontinued, Clean Break fights shine, hydrates and nourishes the skin with a wonderful blend of Organic White Tea Extract, Sea Kelp, Organic Basil, Sodium Hyaluronate and Niacinamide (aka. vitamin B3). Clean Break has been formulated to offer light hydration with a completely shine-free finish making it perfect for those who prefer the matte look.


Oil Free and still packs a punch in the moisturising department? 

Absolutely. Some Oil Free formulas give a matte complexion but can’t quite pack-in the hydration most men’s skin requires. Clean Break completely takes care of that. Whipping the skin into shape with a shot of Sodium Hyaluronate, Clean Break encourages the skin to retain its own hydration without the need for oil, meaning the skin is kept soft, supple and perfectly matte.


Find it here >>

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The SPF Factor: Man Up to the Sun with Jack Black!

The SPF Factor: Man Up to the Sun with Jack Black!


Men's Suncare


Let the sun shine and get outdoors with Jack Black. Jack’s hard-working line up of SPF loaded skincare makes it easy to protect skin from the sun’s rays and get on with enjoying yourself whether in the park, on the sport’s field or at the beach. 


Face: Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF20  / £29.00
A face moisturiser with built-in sunscreen
Double-Duty Face Moisturizer is an advanced facial treatment product with built in SPF20 sunscreen. The lightweight formula provides lasting hydration to skin, without oiliness or heaviness. Blue Algae extract, a rich source of Vitamin E and minerals, combined with Sea Parsley, an effective anti-irritant containing Vitamins A and C, help visibly improve the overall appearance of skin. This moisturiser offers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection plus potent anti-oxidants to help shield skin from premature ageing due to sun exposure.

Jack Black Double Duty Moisturiser SPF20

Lips: Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF25 / £7.25
Doubles up as a breath freshener with natural mint and SPF25 for added sun protection.
This award-winning hydrating balm protects lips from sun and wind with anti-oxidants, superior moisturisers and broad-spectrum sun protection with SPF25. Unlike waxy sticks, the unique formulas penetrate quickly to provide instant relief to calm, protect and relieve dry, chapped, irritated lips. Available in five flavours.

Jack Black Lip Balm Mint SPF25

Body: Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard SPF45 / £15.50
Fast absorbing, broad-spectrum sunscreen that performs in extreme conditions.
The lightweight formula is quickly absorbed leaving no residue and with superior water and sweat resistance. It retains SPF45 after 80 minutes of sweating or activity in water and won’t budge – no matter how hard you play! Single handedly raising the bar for waterproof sunscreens, Jack Black provides superior broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection in an oil-free formula that is fragrance-free, colorant-free and dermatologist tested.

Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard SPF45



Shop the complete Jack Black collection here >>

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Men's Perfume - Why Wear Fragrances?

 Mens Perfume


Mens Perfume – Why Wear Fragrances?

Mens perfume is an invisible part of a man’s personal style. It has a huge influence on the way that people view a person. However, unbelievably, 80 per cent of men do not wear perfume on a regular basis. With that being said, continue reading to discover why this is one of the most important male grooming products.


First and foremost, perfume is a great way of exuding confidence in the workplace. It can give the impression of a sharp, put-together man; the type of man that is sophisticated and demands respect. Not only will others have this impression, but this mens grooming product will make you feel a lot more confident too.


One of the great things about scents is that they can have a deep, emotional connection. Once you wear a fragrance for a set period of time, people come to associate it with you; it’s your scent. Girlfriends often wear their partner’s T-shirt or cuddle their pillow when they are away so they can smell their scent; it is that powerful. Did you know that smell is 150,000 times more sensitive than your vision?


Let’s not ignore one of the main benefits of wearing perfume; you will be more attractive to woman. It is a known fact that women prefer men that wear aftershave, which is especially the case when you consider that women are most finely tuned to the sense of smell.


As touched upon in the introduction, perfume is an important element of your personal style. If style is something you care about, then no look is complete without a signature fragrance. It ties together your entire outfit.


When you consider all of these benefits, it is not difficult to see why wearing mens perfume is a must. The only thing you need to do now is find your signature scent.

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How To Use Your Face Wash Properly

How To Use Face Wash

How To Use Your Face Wash Properly

A step-by-step guide to using your face wash to the best of its ability.


A good face wash is the single most important element of any good male grooming regime. The fastest growing area of the grooming domain, men's facial cleansers are becoming increasingly popular and we're here to tell you why.


As our skincare products become more advanced there's a greater need and demand for enhanced performance and faster, visible results. If you see your face as a piece of timber (sounds far fetched, I know, but stick with it, it really does make sense!) that been weathered outside and now needs to be treated with wood treatment. Would you apply the wood treatment on over the top of the moss and debris without washing it off first? No you wouldn't. In order for the treatment to be able to penetrate into the wood you first need to clean the timber and prepare the platform for the treatment. The exact same protocol should be applied to your skincare regime. If you're using your grooming products on a dirty, oil-laden face then there not going to perform half as well as they should be, any what's more, your wasting your money.


Build a face wash into your daily routine and always apply your skincare products after cleansing. For convenience leave your face wash in the shower and make it the first you use when showering. I always prefer to apply my face wash onto my skin when it's wet, some people prefer to use it on dry skin but I find it spreads much easier (and works much better) with a bit of water to lube it up.


How To Use Your Face Wash


Wet the face with a bit of lukewarm water. Notice we are using lukewarm and not hot water. Hot water strips the skin of its natural moisture barrier, something we really don't want to mess around with.


Warm a pea-sized amount of your face wash between your hands then gently massage it onto the skin. Work the face wash into the skin using gentle circular motions ensure it covers the entire face.


Next, and one of the most important steps, leave it on the face for at least 60 seconds. Why? I hear you ask, well some of the more advanced, and better face washes come complete with some really good ingredients like Glycolic Acid which need a little time to work their magic. If you don't leave it on the skin for a minute or two, that very magic will go straight down the plug hole. Top tip: apply your face wash, then apply your shampoo. Leave both for 60 seconds then rinse.


Rinse the face thoroughly with cold water. Cold water helps to close the pores, tighten the skin and promotes lymphatic drainage beneath the surface level- exactly where our bodies store some of their toxins.


To dry, simply pat your towel on the face to absorb the water. Try not to rub the face with the towel as it will probably redden the skin, and let's face it (pardon the pun), who wants a red face?


Once the face is dry, follow with your skincare regime. Now that your face has had all of the grime removed it will 'receive' and untilise your skincare products and their ingredients much easier and certainly much better.


When Should You Use Your Face Wash?

Any skincare specialist will always recommend using your face wash twice daily - once in the morning and once before going to bed. If I'm really honest, I don't always wash my face before bed, I should but don't. If you can then it's best practice to clean the face morning and night, but if you're a commitment-phobe then once daily is fine.


The next big question is which face wash do I recommend. This is a question I'm asked repeatedly and the answer varies. Depending on the skin type you have depends which face wash is best for you. In short;


If you have oily or combination skin, I recommend [Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser]. It a non-foaming, creamy face wash that carries a dose of Glycolic Acid which lifts dead skin cells from the face and helps to control the level of oil on the surface of the skin.

Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser


If you have easy-to-manage skin, aka. Normal skin, then something which adds a bit of moisture whilst cleansing is always a good choice. Try [Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser]. It's formulate with Tahitian oils which bind to dirt and pull if from the face whilst simultaneously adding a shot of hydration to the skin.

Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser


If you have dry skin, choose your face wash very carefully. You definitely don't want to use anything foaming and cream-based cleansers will work best for you. Try [Germaine de Capuccini Aqua Clean Formula] or [Aromatherapy Associates Hydrating Renewing Rose Cleanser]. Don't be dissuaded by the semi-feminine packaging of the latter, it's packed with rose water and a cocktail of skin nourishing properties that work a treat on dry skin.

Aromatherapy Associates Hydrating Renewing Rose Cleanser


Face wash aficionado? Want to share your ideas with the community? Leave a comment below.

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Mens Hair Products – What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Hair Product

Mens Hair Products


Mens Hair Products – What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Hair Product

Mens hair products are widely available. If you take a quick look on the Internet, you will see that you have a broad assortment to choose from. This can make it a little overwhelming and daunting when purchasing. How do you know what is going to be right for you? Don’t fret, as we have some top tips to give you a helping hand.

The first thing you need to do is know your hair type. A lot of people make the mistake of typing in ‘mens grooming products used by David Beckham’ or ‘the best mens hair products’. However, you need to purchase the items that are right for you. Purchasing hair products without knowing your hair type is a bit like buying clothes without knowing your dress size. Choosing the wrong hair product can damage your hair, so get to grips with whether your hair is thin, thick, coarse, frizzy, curly, straight, and so on.

Once you have done this, you then need to get to grips with the lingo regarding hair products. We’re going to take a look at some of the keywords you should look out for in the description. ‘Texture’, ‘Matte’ or ‘Dry’, and ‘Shine’ or ‘Wet’, are all words used to describe male grooming products that are centred on creating a certain look. Texture is the layering of hair, resulting in a multidimensional look. Matte is a dry and natural look while shiny is a wet look. ‘Hold’ is a term used to describe the strength of the product, meaning how well it keeps the style in place. Finally, ‘Pliability’ is used to describe the re-moldability of a product when styling.

Now you are armed with this information, you will find it much easier to locate the mens hair products for you. You know your hair type and you know the keywords in product descriptions, allowing you to make an educated decision.

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Male Grooming - Tips for Summer


 Male Grooming

Male Grooming Tips For Summer

Male grooming isn’t just a fad. It’s here to stay. Once you’ve made a start on looking great and feeling even better, you’ll want to continue your regime all year round, wherever you are. But all mens grooming routines need adjustment from time to time, like when you travel, for instance. With summer coming up, many of us have holidays booked, so here are a few tips to counter the possible side effects.


    • An effective mens moisturiser will counter-balance the effects of dry air on board a plane when you’re flying. Remember, to get through customs, the moisturiser in your hand luggage must be no more than 100ml and the container must be in a re-sealable plastic bag. These are usually available at the airport. If your skin isn’t used to the sun and saltwater from the sea, a good moisturiser will come in extremely handy while you’re away too. Apply a little extra first thing in the morning and last thing at night and you should wake up with your skin feeling refreshed!


    • If you’re going swimming, the salt in the sea or chemicals in the pool can play havoc with your hair, leaving it dry and more unmanageable. Mens hair products, including a good conditioner, will help tame those locks.


  • When the weather’s hot, home or abroad, remember that the higher temperatures will affect the way a mens perfume smells. Heat releases the aromatic molecules faster, so your usual fragrance may smell stronger – maybe even unpleasantly so. Reduce the amount you wear or buy one specifically for the hot weather – any perfume advertising citrus tones is usually a good bet as this will smell crisp and clean. Perfect for keeping your cool!


So there you have it; some top male grooming tips to ensure you are summer-ready! After all, who doesn’t want to look their best on the beach?

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James Read Launches H2O Tan Mist

 James Read H2O Tan Mist


News: James Read launches H2O Tan Mist

James Read strikes again. H2O Tan Mist is the latest addition to his multi award-winning tanning collection and it really is a game changer. Formulated with 96% water, the mist promises even coverage, easy application and a streak-free finish. Infused with rose water with is best known for its soothing and hydrating effect on the skin, the Tan Mist not only gives a healthy-looking natural glow, it also moisturisers the skin and refreshes the complexion.


The application is really quick and really simple. Simply spray the H2O Tan Mist onto the face from a 10-15cm distance. You can apply before or after moisturising and over or under make-up, it really easy super versatile.


The Tan

The tanning ingredient used builds colour gradually, so with each spray the intensity of the sun-kissed look deepens.

For best results, splash the face with cold water prior to application to close the pores and tighten the skin.


How To Apply

The master himself shows you how to easily apply the mist in the video below. Two spritzes of this rose water magic and you’re well on your way to a healthier-looking, glowing complexion.

Shop H2O Tan Mist here >


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News: Aromatherapy Associates Launches Super Size Anti Ageing Overnight Repair Mask

 Aromatherapy Associates Anti-Ageing Overnight Repair Mask

Best known for their expertise in developing effective skincare products using the natural benefits found in essential oils, Aromatherapy Associates have created some of the world’s most popular products. Their number one products and part of their multi award winning Anti Ageing collection, Overnight Repair Mask is now available in a super-size 100ml deluxe version. Previously available in a 50ml tube, this product has quite literally set the skincare world alight and coping with demand was a struggle on the Aromatherapy Associates skincare laboratory. To satisfy the hunger for this complexion over-hauling face mask, Aromatherapy Associates have released a large 100ml tube which is not only super-convenient, it also represents a saving of £24.


If you haven’t tried it before fear not, we’re certain that you’ll love it just as much as we do. Using a unique blend of essentials oils best known for their Anti Ageing and reparative benefits, Overnight Repair Mask gently buffs dead skin cells from the surface of the face to reveal a brighter, more youthful looking complexion.


Whilst you sleep, Rose and Frankincense tone and firm the skin whilst strawberry seed extract has an anti-oxidant effect on the skin helping to prevent against polluaging and freeing the skin of the damage caused by free radicals. £79.00 / 100ml


Find it here >


Shop the complete Aromatherapy Associates collection here >



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In Focus: Verso’s Patented Retinol 8 Complex

Verso Skincare


Ground Breaking Anti-Ageing Skincare from Verso


Retinol was used in the 80’s and 90’s to treat acne and scarring and was most commonly prescribed by a doctor. This ingredient is so powerful at reducing scarring, lines and wrinkles that cosmetic companies started to add it to their products in huge volumes. If your skin is sensitive or prone to irritation then conventional Retinol can cause slight discomfort, and for this reason the ingredient started to get a less than desirable reputation. Natural orientated skincare collections started to brand their products as Retinol-free and most companies stepped away from the ingredient to prevent a loss in sales.


This situation would have been easily avoidable had the ingredient not been over-used and blended into formulas in too high a concentration.


Fast forward 15 years and Swedish skincare specialists Verso have completely re-worked Retinol into a complex that is not only 8 times stronger than conventional Retinol but is also free from irritation whilst maintaining the incredible results.


Retinol 8, Verso’s patented complex, took years of research to develop and has taken the skincare and anti-ageing world by storm. The products target the visible signs of ageing skin using the Retinol 8 complex whilst simultaneously tending to hydration levels and radiance.


The Verso collection is super-simple to use with each product being numbered from 1 to 8 (more to follow) and the numbers dictate the order in which the products should be applied to the skin.


All of the latest and greatest skin formulas pass across my desk and it takes something pretty special to impress me. Trialling the Verso collection was a real pleasure; the results took a week or two to become noticable but now I wouldn't be without my Verso staples - Super Facial Serum & Super Eye Serum. Graham Matthews - Co-Founder The Grooming Clinic.


Shop the complete Verso skincare collection here >



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