Triumph & Disaster Deodorant Touches Down at TGC

Best know for their natural approach to formulating performance-fuelled male grooming products, Triumph & Disaster strike yet again. Their inaugural visit to the deodorant domain comes with the arrival of Spice, Triumph & Disaster's new aluminium-free Deodorant.

Formulated to defend against the bacteria that munch on your sweat and produce an unpleasant aroma, Triumph & Disaster Deodorant allows your pores to naturally secrete sweat, but ensures that the offending bacteria are kept at bay. Excess moisture is taken care of by Sodium Bicarbonate, Manuka Oil neutralises bacteria and thus stops nasty smells right in their tracks, Aloe Vera conditions the skin and the bespoke natural scent, Spice, ensures that your pits are hug-ready all day long.

With no aluminium, no silicones and no parabens, Triumph & Disaster's Deodorant is set to soar to the top of the deodorant leader board, quickly.

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