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Protecting Your Face From The Sun

Summer is finally starting to break-through, so being all too aware of the effects the sunny season may have on your skin, it's time for us to share some expert tips on how to protect your face from the damaging and ageing effects of good old Mr. Sunshine.

Suncare products offer the skin protection from UVA & UVB rays, but do be careful, some products may only offer protection for one type of ray.

We've handpicked 5 of the best sun care face products for men to keep your skin in perfect form this summer.

Introducing #TGCNEWS Edition 1 - Our First Video News Letter

We've decided to rock the apple cart a little and defy convention by introducing a new way that we deliver our latest news to you. #TGCNEWS is our brand new video-newsletter which we hope to publish weekly or fortnightly, depending on the amount of news we've got to share with you. Edition 1 is around 10 minutes long as is packed with information on the latest male grooming news and men's skincare launches. We intend to keep the videos short & sweet with the Edition 2 planned to be just 4 minutes long.

The easiest way to keep yourself up-to-date with what's happening here at The Grooming Clinic is to subscribe to our YouTube channel, you'll find it by clicking here >.

If you've got a pressing question or your looking for some male grooming advice, fire your queries over to us and we'll try to include as many of them in #TGCNEWS as possible.

Edition 1, prented by Steven O'Neill, features:

The launch of Anthony Logistics 2 new editions; Anthony Logistics Wake-up Call & Anthony Logistics Sea Kelp Body Scrub.

The introduction of HelioCare SPF 30 Silk Gel

How to tackle dark circles under the eyes with Cernor XO Eye Cream & Coverstick.

Why Barc Bump Down Razor Bump Relief is powerful at fighting razor rash.

korres yoghurt sun screen face ultrasun sports 30 heliocare spf50 gel Germaine Urban Shield Excel o2 Jack Black Sun Guard spf45

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Get Set for Spring

08/04/2012 12:31

springSpring is just around the corner so it's time to start getting your grooming regime set for sunnier climes. Find out here how your skin will react to the warmer weather and the 6 things you should be looking to address to keep you fresh and well groomed.

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skiingIf you're hitting the slopes this ski season you'll need to start thinking about arming yourself with some sun protection. Dispite the cold temperatures and the need for heavy clothing sun protection is of paramount importance. 80% of UVA/UVB rays will penetrate clouds and snowstorms & blizzards, combine this with increased altitude and you could be well on your way to an embarrassing, and dangerous, skiers tan. So, before taking to your salapettes, equip yourself with a high-factor sun protection formula which will keep you safe and sunless.

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Comments | Posted in suncare body grooming guides By Steven O'Neill

Protect your skin from premature ageing and burning by using one of our industry leading solutions. The Grooming Clinic stocks some of the most effetive sun-care ranges in the world.

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