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Anthony Logistic Glycolic Facial Cleanser
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How Often Should I Use My Face Scrub?

This is one of the most popular questions we're asked so we put it to one of grooming experts, Graham Matthews, and asked for his insider info.

Face Scrubs vary in intensity from daily face washes with gentle exfoliating beads, to coarse, rough face scrubs that require a more measured approach. Firstly, find a scrub that you like, and that suits your skin type, and start by using it twice weekly. If your skin responds well and looks healthy and radiant all week you've cracked the code! If your skin is still looking dull and devitalised then increase the frequency. Try using your face scrub day-on, day-off and see if that reveals a smoother, brighter complexion.

If your skin appears red or irritated then try using a facial exfoliant that doesn't contain coarse beads like Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial Cleanser, this uses glycolic acid to buff the skin rather than grains.

There are a few key steps to success when using your face scrub;

1. Don't get the name mixed up with the action - the product is called scrub, you don't need to 'scrub' with your hands.

2. Use your face scrub as often as required - if you get lots of congestion (blackheads, clogged pores or dull skin) use your scrub daily to revitalise the complexion. If your skin is fairly low maintenance then use your scrub twice weekly to keep it in perfect order.

3. Use your finger-tips to massage the scrub over the face. Try not to use the palms of the hands as you'll probably apply too much pressure and redden the skin.

4. Focus on the areas of concern - if you have dilated pores around the nose then massage the scrub over this area for little while longer to ensure that the dirt is 'swept' away.

When should I use my face scrub?

This is a matter of preference so with a little bit of experimenting you'll soon discover when your skin reacts best. I use my scrub day-on, day-off during my morning shower. I scrub first, rinse, then follow with my usual facial cleanser. Try to scrub before shaving to lift the hairs and to release any that may have become ingrown.

If you've had a soak in the bath or steamed your face, do not use your face scrub. The skin is too soft and it will cause irritation.

My most recommended face scrubs:

Urth Green Tea Scrub - this is my personal favourite and by far the best scrub I have ever used. It's more like a paste and it's packed with essential oils.

Baxter of California Face Scrub - a perfect all-rounder and great for skin that is exposed to the elements.

Zirh Scrub - great for those who prefer a more intense approach.

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