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Introducing #TGCNEWS, Our Video Newsletter

Friday, 11 April 2014 10:05:34 Europe/London


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Men's Grooming Products - Dealing with Blackheads

Saturday, 23 July 2011 20:57:25 Europe/London

Men's Grooming - Dealing with BlackheadsBlackheads, dilated pores, oily skin? Fear not. These are all problems faced by men worldwide. Here's a plan to help you get rid off them, and tighten your pores to prevent future build-up. Read on...

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Introducing #TGCNEWS Edition 1 - Our First Video News Letter

We've decided to rock the apple cart a little and defy convention by introducing a new way that we deliver our latest news to you. #TGCNEWS is our brand new video-newsletter which we hope to publish weekly or fortnightly, depending on the amount of news we've got to share with you. Edition 1 is around 10 minutes long as is packed with information on the latest male grooming news and men's skincare launches. We intend to keep the videos short & sweet with the Edition 2 planned to be just 4 minutes long.

The easiest way to keep yourself up-to-date with what's happening here at The Grooming Clinic is to subscribe to our YouTube channel, you'll find it by clicking here >.

If you've got a pressing question or your looking for some male grooming advice, fire your queries over to us and we'll try to include as many of them in #TGCNEWS as possible.

Edition 1, prented by Steven O'Neill, features:

The launch of Anthony Logistics 2 new editions; Anthony Logistics Wake-up Call & Anthony Logistics Sea Kelp Body Scrub.

The introduction of HelioCare SPF 30 Silk Gel

How to tackle dark circles under the eyes with Cernor XO Eye Cream & Coverstick.

Why Barc Bump Down Razor Bump Relief is powerful at fighting razor rash.