NIOD Hydration Vaccine Sizes Up!

NIOD Hydration Vaccine 100ml Tube is Here

Hydration Vaccine, one of NIOD's most popular lines, has sized-up. A 100ml super-size tube has landed on our cyber shelves and represents a saving of £15 compared with the 50ml jar.

What is Hydration Vaccine?

NIOD's answer to a daily moisturiser, Hydration Vaccine increases hydration, reduces dehydration and leaves a breathe-able film on the skin which works with your natural moisturising factors to protect the skin. Deciem describe Hydration Vaccine as 'a breathable hydration seal', this perfectly illustrates the action this formula offers to maximise your skin's hydration levels. Hydration Vaccine works from both sides of the 'seal' to improve hydration levels and reduce the amount of residual moisture lost from the skin. A concoction of amino acids and minerals layers the skin with a 'mask' of goodness to give you your best skin yet.

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