Germaine de Capuccini B-Calm touches down at TGC

If you have hyper-sensitve skin which is incredibly high maintenance and tricky to manage, read on. B-Calm, the latest skin collection to be born out of the Germaine de Capuccini family has landed at TGC and it's on a mission to soothe irritated, reddened skin.

Developed in conjunction with the University of Valencia, B-Calm carries all of the required pre-requisites to carry Dermocosmetics certification meaning it's been put through rigorous testing the laboratory and is proven to have both a cosmetic and dermatological effect on the skin.

Skinbiome Repair is soothing complex which features across the B-Calm collection, it supports the natural defences and protects and repairs the skin's ecosystem. Skinbiome Repair re-balances the skin's microbiota which increases the skin's tolerance threshold. The results are less irritated skin with reduced redness and better skin days ahead.

Weakened, stressed and compromised skin beware, B-Calm is coming for you.

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