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Products for thinning hair

Thinning hair, it catches up with the best of us, but fear not, if you’re follicle-ly challenged and tired of seeing your hair in the basin after every shower, read on.

Once you’re hair starts to thin it hits your confidence hard. Voluminous locks sporting the best pompadour are on the wish-list for most of us, but if you’re hair is starting to thin, achieving you desired style can be a little trickier than it was in you younger years. We’ve selected five of our most popular products for thinning hair to help in your quest for big, bouncy, easy-to-style hair.

#1 - Ouai Thin Hair Supplement (Best Seller)

A daily supplement to help to hold on to your hair and promote healthier, thicker re-growth, Ouai Thin Hair stimulates each strand from the follicle with a cocktail of Niacin, Thiamine, Vitamin E and Biotin to build density and prevent loss and breakages. Take for 90 days to witness the results.

#2 Sachajuan Thickening Shampoo

Our most popular Thickening Shampoo and winner of a GQ Grooming Award, Sachajuan Thickening Shampoo boosts your barnet with every wash. Ocean Silk Technology conditions the hair while Thickening Technology increases density and makes your hair easier to style.

#3 - Ref Weightless Volume Conditioner

A sulphate-free and vegan-friendly daily use conditioner which features quinoa proteins to build strength while adding nourishment. For best results, avoid applying your conditioner to the roots of your hair, simply stoke it across the hair, trying your best to avoid the scalp.

#4 - American English 24 Karat Thickening Lotion

Like an external multi-vitamin for the hair, 24 Karat Thickening Lotion feeds the hair with Vitamins A, C & E, Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 and Amino Acids to build strength and create a more manageable head of hair to work with.

#5 - Ref Thickening Spray

Before scooping out your favourite pomade, dry your hair with a hair dryer then spritz Ref Thickening Spray through it in sections. Your hair will feel twice as thick and your style will hold for much longer.

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Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid has been hot topic in the skincare industry for many a year, other ingredients come and go but Glycolic Acid is here to stay. Improving texture, removing dead skin cells and brightening the skin are just a few of the many benefits of using Glycolic Acid.

What is Glycolic Acid?

It’s an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and can be derived from cane sugar.
It’s the smallest Alpha Hydroxy Acid so it has the ability to penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin.

What does Glycolic Acid do?

It dissolves the the bond between dead skin cells and new skin cells which improves skin tone and forces the skin to regenerate itself more quickly.

It improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
It loosens blockages from within the pores to reduce blackheads and sebum build-up.
It gently peels off the outer layer of skin cells allowing your skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin.

The benefits of Glycolic Acid are compound so with regular use, the benefits will become more apparent.

Top Picks:

Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser - Glycolic Acid Concentration: 4.9%

This best-selling and award-winning facial cleanser is Anthony’s hero products. It’s a non-foaming creamy lotion which gently exfoliates the skin as it removes dirt and grime.

When to use is: morning and night.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution - Glycolic Acid Concentration: 7%

A simple toner which you should apply using your fingertips, not cotton pads. Dispense a couple of drops into the palm of your hand and press it into the skin. Don't rinse it off. The key here is the 3.6 pH of this product; Glycolic Acid works best in products with a low pH level so The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution works a treat.

When to use: maximum of once daily at night time.

Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peels

A daily exfoliating a resurfacing treatment, Dr Dennis Gross’ patented Alpha Beta Peels put the skin into a heightened state of repair and offer a daily ‘sweep’ of dead skin to renew and brighten the skin tone.

When to use: once daily, morning or night.

Germaine de Cappuccino Synergyage Glycocure Hydro Retexturing Booster Concentrate

A lightweight, creamy lotion which contains Glycolic Acid contained in cyclodextrins. This increase the size of the molecule meaning it sinks more slowly into the skin giving a more prolonged and more gentle peeling treatment.

When to use: use twice daily before moisturising. Always follow with SPF.

Jack Black 8% Glycolic Acid  Line Smoother Treatment - Glycolic Acid Concentration: 8%

A powerful anti-ageing treatment developed especially for men’s skin, Jack Black’s Line Smoother Glycolic Acid Treatment targets fine lines and wrinkles with a high concentration of Glycolic Acid. This formula also feature liquorice extract which soothes and calms to the skin to prevent irritation.

When to use: morning and night. Always follow with SPF.

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Germaine de Capuccini - Top Picks

One of our best-selling, most popular collections, but also one of the largest, we break through 200 different Germaine de Capuccini products to highlight the very best ones which you should be adding to your skincare collection.

#1 - Exfoliating Scrub

The most popular product in the Germaine de Capuccini collection, Exfoliating Facial Scrub sloughs away dead skin cells and refines the skin tone using a hydrating formula infused with menthol to revitalise the senses while smoothing the skin. To maintain perfectly smooth skin, use your Exfoliating Scrub three times weekly after cleansing.

#2 - Multi-Regenerating Rosehip Oil

The second most popular product in the collection, this skin quenching daily use oil charges the skin with hydration and help to keep age spots and texture irregularities at bay. For best results, use Rosehip Oil on clean skin at night time.

#3 - Purexpert Purifying Mattifying Cleansing Foam

Developed specifically for those with combination and oily skin types, Mattifying Cleansing Foam clears blockages from within the pores and lifts excess sebum from the skin using Salicylic Acid. Used daily - preferable twice daily - the skin will gradually appear less shiny a less susceptible to breakouts and blackheads.

#4 - Pure C Essence Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C applied topically can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the skin. This lightweight serum comes in 4 x 10ml ampules which each last for 10 days. Applied daily after cleansing and before moisturising, this Vitamin C wonder serum boosts collagen synthesis by up to 8 times and improves vitality.

#5 - Timexpert Lift (IN) Supreme Definition Cream

A anti-ageing hero, Supreme Definition Cream uses Alpha Gel Technology to give an instant lifting effect to the skin. Calcium and Glucose have been included within the formula to help to boost the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. The results are firmer, lifted skin which is deeply hydrated.

Comments | Posted in anti ageing face care grooming guides By Graham Matthews
Men's Hair Clay

Building structure, offering a matte, natural-looking finish and having flexible, strong hold is what hair clay is all about, and currently they're the most popular products in the hair styling category. Hair clay’s come in various formats, from creamy, relatively viscous consistencies to much thicker, harder pomades. The one thing they all have in common is they all contain clay which help to increase density as it expands when it is in contact with moisture. Increased density makes the hair easier to style and if your hair is thin, or thinning, it will help to make it appear thicker. Clay also absorb excess oil so if you don’t want to have to wash your hair every day, Clay may well become your new number one.

Expert tips:

  • Hair clays can be heavier, avoid applying them near to the root of the hair. Style from the tips and work your way back towards the scalp.
  • For a completely matte finish, apply hair clay to completely dry hair.
  • If you prefer a subtle shine, or want to maximise volume, apply your clay to towel dried hair.
  • Clay can be used a styling base. If you want to hold and texture of a hair clay but you prefer the finish of a pomade, use your hair clay first then ‘cocktail’ over the top with pomade.

We’ve highlighted our top hair clay picks to help you choose right.

Coltrane Hair Clay by Triumph & Disaster

Alongside Baxter of California and Jack Black Clay Pomade, Coltrane is one of the thicker hair clays. It carries a blend of nourishing ingredients to help to condition the hair while it locks-in your look. Best for a those who prefer a natural-looking finish with flexible hold.

Clay Pomade by Baxter of California

The number one product from the entire Baxter of California collection, Clay Pomade speaks for itself. This outstanding clay adds definition and texture yet still allows the hair to bend and flex throughout the day.

Claymation by Hanz de Fuko

One of the most popular men’s hair clays worldwide, Hanz de Fuko Claymation take hair clays to a whole;e new level. This easy to apply hair clay thickens the hair and has very strong hold with the added benefit of a natural finish.

Rough Wax by Reference of Sweden

Rough Wax instantly adds volume and creates a totally matte finish with extra strong hold.

Clay Pomade by Jack Black

Jack Black’s Clay Pomade leaves a similar finish to Baxter of California Clay Pomade but it better suited to those who like lots of volume and no shine.

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In Focus: Bolin Webb

18/01/2018 13:20

Bolin Webb

Inspired design, an eye for detail and access to excellent manufacturing partners in the UK means British grooming brand Bolin Webb makes some of the most exciting and enjoyable razors in the world of shaving – selling through an impressive list of top-end luxury retailers that reach from San Francisco to Tokyo.

Shaving is an everyman routine, like it or not. Some may shave daily. Others put blade to face less regularly. Whatever the pattern, the distinctive and colourful razors made by Bolin Webb remind us that we can enjoy as well as apply a tool that we pick up and use more often than we care to count.

Bolin Webb Union Jack Razor

Originally, sports cars were a main design cue for Bolin Webb. Early stage mood boards, with images emphasised shape, colour, excitement and emotion. These were prompts only: the design process was not about replicating an exact shape, but about ultimately finding a form that worked in terms of the balance, curve and the “energy” it projects.

Colour is important. Bolin Webb took time to select and trial different colours for their razors, choosing paints that were distinctive, striking and that captured a spirit and aspirational appeal. Bolin Webb took colour cues from Aston Martini, Lamborghini and Porsche among others, adapting these to these handles to really narrow down to a product the company is proud of.

The right material choice makes a difference across many dimensions: form, weight, colour, durability, grip, hygiene and cost of production. Bolin Webb uses materials that are fit-for-purpose and tactile, bringing distinct manufacturing processes together in different ways – for example by applying automotive paint to razor handles, or using silicone for their award-winning razor case.

Bolin Webb razors are made in Birmingham. Working locally has benefits in terms of product development, flexibility, lead-time and relationships. Different suppliers make different components, which are brought together to one point for assembly. They make a unique product that cannot be copied by others, employing process that require a high degree of coordination and quality control.

It's no surprise to us that Bolin Webb has received as many design and brand awards as they have.

Bolin Webb razors are available in two different models: the R1 range is fitted with Gillette’s 3-blade Mach3 cartridge, while the X1 range is fitted with Gillette’s 5-blade Fusion ProGlide cartridge. Both blade types are widely available, either online or on the high street. Bolin Webb razors are fitted with one of these blades with purchase, and presented in a rigid gift box.

Comments | Posted in news get groomed grooming guides By Graham

The Ordinary Retinol

The Ordinary, launched in late 2016, is rapidly becoming one of the most popular skincare collections worldwide. Yes, worldwide. The Ordinary is quite literally taking the skincare world by storm and anti ageing is one of it’s strongest categories.

Why has The Ordinary become so popular, so quickly?

'Clinical Formulations with Integrity’ is The Ordinary’s tag line. The range has been developed by Deciem to offer powerful, targeted skincare preparations free-from a hefty price tag. The range is far from ‘ordinary’ with some of the products being the most advanced and most affordable that we’ve ever seen, this is why the range has gained notoriety at a super speedy pace.

As we become more demanding of our products in terms of performance, particularly when it comes to anti-ageing, brands have to remain incredibly innovative to keep up with our appeal for perfection. Anti-ageing is one of the trickiest areas to execute successfully as often the results are more long-term and prevention is better cure. The Ordinary has triumphed in the fight against ageing skin and for this reason, has gained popularity that other collections can only aspire to.

We’ve selected the most popular and most effective anti-ageing products from The Ordinary to help you to navigate this extensive collection, the only thing you need to do is move fast, these products sell incredibly quickly.

The Ordinary Anti Ageing Products

Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalene - best used at night time.

All the power of Retinol without the irritation, Granactive Retinoid is a highly refined version of Vitamin A that carries all of the anti-ageing benefits of Retinol without the irritants. Developed by Grant Industries, Granactive Retinoid is an active skincare technology that offers better results than Retinol and prescription retinoids. Lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced with continued use.

Retinol 1% in Squalene  - best used at night time

A derivative of Vitamin A, Retinol is one of the most powerful anti-ageing ingredients available in over-the-counter skincare products. Retinol visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and helps to erase photo damage (sun damage) with continued use. Maintaining the integrity of the Retinol molecule is of paramount importance to ensure that the best results are achieved. Water, oils and silicones can all affect the performance of Retinol so suspending it in plant-derived Squalene is the best option.

Buffet - best used morning and night

Informatively named, Buffet is like a table of offerings that the skin can work with as it absorbs the serum. Packed with Peptides (proteins which trick the skin into regenerating itself), Buffet encourage cell regeneration and makes the skin act younger. Amino acids and numerous Hyaluronic Acid complexes have been blended with a probiotic complex to give an ‘all singing, all dancing’ anti ageing treatment.

Matrixyl 10% + HA - best used morning and evening

A cocktail of peptides in a hyaluronic acid complex, this multi-faceted anti-ageing hero targets line and wrinkles by encouraging the skin to regenerate itself more quickly. Hydration levels of dramatically improved with Hyaluronic Acid charging the skin with moisture whilst Matrixyl 3000 stimulates collagen and elastin production, boosting skin density.

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 - best used morning and night

Also known as the fountain of youth, Hyaluronic Acid holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water so as it’s absorbed in the skin it draws-in hydration. What sets The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid from the others is the low-, medium- and high-weight molecules which travel to various levels of the skin, this ensures that moisture is delivered to upper and lower layers of the dermis. Vitamin B5 has been blended into this serum to improve and enhance surface level hydration.

spf creams for skiing

Skiing is a great reminder that the heat might have gone but the sun certainly hasn’t. We’ve rounded-up our top picks ‘SPF Creams’ for skiing in 2018.

Anthony Day Cream SPF30

1. Anthony Day Cream SPF30

One of our most popular daily moisturisers with built-in SPF, Anthony Day Cream SPF30 carries broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. Apply every couple of hours for best protection.

Has slim-line packaging so slips into your ski jacket pocket.
Contains a powerful cocktail of sunscreen ingredients to defend against sun damage.
Easy to apply, sinks in really quickly.


Heliocare Oil Free Dry Touch Gel

2. Heliocare Oil-Free Dry Touch Gel SPF50

If you’re wanting to maintain your matte veneer on the slopes, this is the SPF for you. This Oil-Free Dry Touch Gel sinks instantly into the skin leaving a completely matte, tack-free finish. One of the most powerful sun protectors of its time, Heliocare Oil Free Dry Touch Gel protects from UVA, UVA and Infra-Red Light making it the perfect choice for the slopes.

Doesn’t leave a white cast on the skin.
Easy to carry in your ski jacket
Leaves a completely matte finish


Triumph & Disaster No Dice Sunscreen

3. Triumph & Disaster No Dice Sunscreen SPF50

A powerful UVA and UVB blocker, Triumph & Disaster’s SPF50 is fresh from New Zealand where sun protection is all the rage. Apply regular throughout the day to maintain protection and to avoid panda eyes!

Easy to apply, sinks-in rapidly.
Powerful protection from sun damage and pigmentation.
Doesn’t leave the skin ‘white'.


Shave Cream

The Handpicked 6 - Shave Creams

Make shaving less arduous and more pleasurable with our handpicked 6. Six Shave Creams tried, tested and worthy of our seal of approval based purely on their standalone brilliance.

Geo F Trumper Extract of Limes Soft Shaving Cream

Relatively new to our shaving category, Extract of Limes is Geo F Trumper’s knight in shining armour. Formulated using the soft shave cream best Trumper’s are known best for, this protective shave lube carries a scent formed chiefly of freshly squeezed West Indian Limes are their sharp zest.

D R Harris Arlington Shave Cream Bowl

Arlington is D R Harris’ most popular scent. A typically British aroma, this fern and citrus combination gives a refreshing treat to the nose while the Coconut Acid softens both the hair and skin to ensure a clean, close cut.

Carthusia Uomo Shave Cream

Carthusia Uomo Shave Cream

Uomo is an Eau de Parfum for men created by the master perfumers at Carthusia’s headquarters in Capri. The Shave Cream and Aftershave Balm are extensions to the Uomo collection and were launched in 2016. The formula carries Cetearly Alcohol, a ingredient usually found in hair conditioner which is best know for its softening and hydrating qualities. Post shave, your skin is as soft as silk and perfectly prepared for the endeavours that lie ahead.

Ernest Supplies Cooling Shave Cream

Ernest Supplies Cooling Shave Cream

Cooling Shave Cream by Ernest Supplies is the perfect on-the-road wingman. A formula created to not only cool and soothe the skin as you shave, but to also condition and soften the hair and skin to improve comfort and deliver the perfect post-shave canvas. Contained in a food-grade foil pouch, Cooling Shave Cream stays fresh and you can get access to every last drop.

Castle Forbes 1445 Shave Cream

The secret to Castle Forbes success lies in the recipe of their shave creams. Others have tried to re-create it and failed. The recipe and technique used to create the creams remains top secret so you’ll need to try it to believe it. For their latest addition to the Castle Forbes line-up, master perfumer Andrew French has blended the shave cream base with 1445 Eau de Parfum.

Triumph & Disaster Old Fashioned Shave Cream

Charming both in terms of texture and scent, Old Fashioned Shave Cream carries Triumph & Disaster’s natural parentage, fused with conditioning surfactants to create the perfect base upon which to shave. Carries a minty, citrus-y scent.

Comments | Posted in shave problem solver get groomed grooming guides By Grooming Editor

Up your grooming game with the help our skincare experts. We asked our team of male grooming experts for their insider tips on how to get the best out of your products, your skin and your look, here’s what they said:

male grooming hacks

1. Store your Eye Cream/Gel in the fridge

Fighting cellular fatigue and dark circles comes from the active ingredients, reducing puffiness comes from the fridge. Reducing the temperature of your eye cream, or gel, will help to soothe the under eye area and reduce puffiness. The reduction in temperature stimulates micro-circulation which promotes drainage and thus reduces the amount of fluid under the eyes. Before use, give the cream/gel a shake then apply a grain of rice size amount to each eye. Bingo!

2. Leave your cleansing product on the skin for a minute or two before rinsing them off

All to often we apply our face wash / shampoo / conditioner / body wash and rinse it off right away. Give the formula a chance to work its magic by leaving it on the skin for a minute to two before rinsing it off. This allows the skin and hair to absorb the benefits from the product whilst also allowing the products the time it needs to collect dirt, grease and odour.

3. Change your pillow case at least twice weekly

This is most important for those with oily and combination skin types, but still good practice for those without. Your face stays in contact with your pillow case longer than it does anything else. While your sleeping, your pillow case absorbs grease and dirt from the hair and skin, and as you rest and move during the night, your hair and skin will pick it back up again. Wash it regularly and use both sides of the pillow.

4. Eat Less Sugar

Sugar, whilst tantalising for the taste buds, is detrimental for the skin. Collagen is like the skin’s internal scaffolding, it’s almost like a web that maintains the skin's structure, elasticity and firmness. Sugar breaks Collagen down and thus accelerates ageing through loss of support.

5. Dry Patches of Skin? Use Lip Balm

The elbows, feet, knees and hands are often subject to dryness through pressure and excessive movement. If you notice a patch of dry skin on said areas, before you turn-in for the night, apply a small amount of lip balm to the area to charge it with moisture.

6. Open Up Your Face by Tidying Your Brows

Are your eyebrows getting out of control? Asking the barber to trim them will help, but adding a bit of shape to them will take it to the next level. You can do this very inconspicuously and hardly anybody will know that the change in your appearance is due to your brows having an overhaul. Maintain their masculine shape by plucking or threading rogue strands from the bottom of the brow and take a a few hairs from the outside to subtly shorten them. Your eyes will open up and your whole look will dramatically improve.

Comments | Posted in get groomed grooming guides By Editor

What are the best sun creams for oily and acne-prone skin types?

For those with oily and acne prone skin types, summer can be all the things you want and all the things you don’t. The increase in temperature can help to control the amount of sebum (the skin’s natural oil) secreted by the glands, but applying SPF creams to protect against UVA and UVB rays can suffocate the skin and add unnecessary oil.

There are numerous causes of acne and most people who experience the problem regularly struggle to ascertain which factors of their lifestyle are probing the issue. Anti-microbial skincare is a great way to stop the skin’s excess oil feeding the residual bacteria on the skin and thus causing breakouts. Choosing a sun scream with maximum protection from UV rays whilst soothing the skin with acne-preventing anti-microbial properties isn’t easy so we’ve enlisted the help of our resident skincare specialist, Graham, and asked him to steer us in the right direction, here’s what he had to say;

Breakouts and suncream go hand-in-hand for the best of us. The oily nature of many SPF products can clog the pores and cause the skin to break-out, but the goods news is there are a couple of products available which help to both stop shiny skin and also include anti-microbial to neutralise bacteria.

 Heliocare XF Gel

Heliocare XF Gel

Protection level: SPF50
Best for: acne-prone and those who experience blackheads and clogged pores

XF Gel contains Lysate Micrococcus, this is a powerful anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory that skins deep into the skin and helps to stop breakouts from appearing. The consistency of XF Gel also helps in the quest for spot-free skin as it’s absorbed really quickly and allows the skin to breathe.



Heliocare Oil Free Dry Touch Gel

Heliocare 360 Oil-Free Dry Touch Gel

Protection level: SPF50 with built-in infra-red defence.
Best for: those who like a completely matte finish on the skin with maximum protection from the sun

Informatively named, Oil-Free Dry Touch Gel gives the finish of an oil-free moisturiser without compromising on protection. Heliocare’s 360 collection comes with the added benefit of infra-red protection (keep your eyes peeled for this level of protection as we’ll be seeing many more products carry it in the future, in my opinion!) so it’s much more powerful at stopping pre-mature ageing and dark spots from appearing.



Recipe for Men SPF15 Moisturiser

Recipe for Men SPF15 Moisturiser

Protection level: see above
Best for: an everyday facial moisturiser in cooler climates

This gives only low-level of sun protection so its only really suitable for use in the cooler seasons, that said, the finish on the skin is simply outstanding; matte and tack-free. The consistency of this means it sinks in really quickly leaving little residue and doesn’t clog the pores.



Anthony Day Cream SPF30

Anthony Day Cream SPF30

Protection level: see above
Best for: those who like to apply their daily moisturiser and sun cream in one easy step

Anthony’s Day Cream is slightly thicker in consistency when compared to the rest of the creams mentioned above. The big bonus here is high level protection from an everyday face cream. The SPF30 will give a couple of hours of protection which means you won’t need to start applying your sun creams till later in the day.



When choosing a sun cream, it’s really important to read the instructions and ensure that it is right for your skin type. It’s also crucial to check that it carries enough protection to stop your skin from becoming damaged by sunlight. Always re-apply your suncream throughout the day, following the manufacturers guidelines.

Experts Tips

If you have oily and acne-prone skin, your face wash is one of the most important elements of your regime. Make sure it is non-drying and always use it morning and night.
Avoid using products which contain raw alcohol. Whilst perfectly fine for some skin types, it will encourage the skin to produce more oil so it’s not good for oily skin.
Change your pillow case regularly. This sounds bizarre but your face spends more time in contact with your pillow than it does everything else- make sure it’s clean.
Don’t be afraid of using facial oils. As the old saying goes, ‘fight fire with fire’ keeping the skin hydrated is the first step to shine-free, less oily skin.

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