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Tuesday, 16 October 2018 12:05:08 Europe/London

Dr Dennis Gross Spotlite

Christmas is on the horizon so the usual seasonal suspects (aka. gift sets) are loading themselves onto our cyber shelves in the hundreds, but placing those aside for now (in fear on mentioning the ‘C’ word to early) we’ve cherry picked this week’s top new arrivals.

#1 - Spotlite by Dr Dennis Gross

Who doesn’t get the occasional breakout? And usually on a day when you can really do with it. Spotlite uses 2 different types of light, one to reduce inflammation and the other to neutralise spot-causing bacteria. Used for 3 minutes on each spot, Spotlite will reduce their prominence and, in a day or two, completely remove them. We’re re-naming Spotlite, we’ve decided to brand it ‘The Spot Eraser-Laser’.

#2 - Chia Seed Oil by The Ordinary

Our number 1 best-selling, most popular skincare brand strikes again. The Ordinary have added this organic versatile oil to their line-up to target de-hydration and improve suppleness. Apply a drop or two of Chia Seed Oil to the skin after moisturising to turbo-charge your skincare regime.

#3 - Ouai Leave-In Conditioner

Gaining popularity like no other, the Leave-In Conditioner ‘thing' is real. Ouai, responsible to tending to the tresses of the rich and famous, have created this smoothing leave-in treatment to soften and condition the hair while also offer a light flexible hold. Kiss good-bye to frizzy, static, post-shower hair and hi to easier to style, softer, shinier strands.

#4 - Baxter Travel Size Deodorant

The best-selling, and best smelling, roll-on Deo from Baxter of California is now available in a mini, travel size 35g version. Carrying a charming scent of citrus and herbal musk (which we wish was available in a cologne) and some anti-bacterial, odour-fighting goodness, this clear gel keeps your pits in perfect form, all day long.

#5 - Hanz de Fuko Anti Fade Shampoo

Hanz de Fuko are officially the hair care heroes, they've created some of the best men’s hair care products to date, and Anti-Fade Shampoo continues with that legacy. Formulated as a sulphate-free shampoo for men with coloured hair, this awesome-ly scented daily cleanser seals the hair cuticles to lock-in pigment and leave the hair perfectly nourished and easier to to style.

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Thursday, 4 October 2018 15:29:41 Europe/London

Hanz de Fuko Anti-Fade Shampoo & Conditioner


Hanz de Fuko, best know for breaking the internet when they launched Claymation, have just dropped their two latest releases onto our cyber shelves. Anti-Fade Shampoo and Anti-Fade Conditioner have been added to the Hanz de Fuko hair care line-up to save coloured hair from ‘fading’ by the wayside.

Both products are unique formulas which have been created to nourish the hair while sealing the hair cuticles to prevent colour loss. Sulphate-free shampoo is essential for coloured so needless to say, Hanz de Fuko skipped the sulphates when formulating these two new (about to become) hair care heroes.

Find them both here >

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Wednesday, 3 October 2018 11:03:34 Europe/London

The latest release from Jack black have touched down and we’re all over them like a cat on a mouse. Oil-Control Toner has replaced Anti-Oxidant Toner and tackles excess oil -as the name suggests- and gently exfoliates the skin. Charcoal Body Bar is brand new entrant and brings the deodorising and detox-ing benefits of activated charcoal to your daily shower.

The what, why, who, when and how of each…

Jack Black Oil-Control Toner

Oil-Control Lotion

Who should use it: best suited to those with oily and combination skin types, although it’s also perfect for those who like to keep their skin completely matte.

What’s in it: well to start, we have to share the fact that’s Oil Control Toner is alcohol-free so it won’t go drying your skin out. The magic comes from Salicylic Acid which breaks the bond between dead skin cells and face to smooth the skin tone and make your skin perfectly prepared for the rest of your skincare regime. Red Macroalgae Extract helps to control the amount of oil on the surface of the skin and Witch Hazel dissolves blockages within the pores.

How to use it: don’t use cotton wool pads to apply it as they absorb most of the benefits and they also leave little fibres on the skin. Simply splash a couple of drop of toner into the palms of your hands and smear across the face. Don’t rinse it off, just allow it a minute or two to sink into the skin then follow with your serums / eye creams / moisturisers.

Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar

Charcoal Body Bar

Who should use it: everybody. It’s the law. This bar is so good, you simply shouldn’t;t be showering without it.

What’s in it: activated charcoal. The latest 'buzz ingredient’ that’s got everyone talking. It pulls toxins and odour out of the skin and the pores like no other. Jojoba Beads buff the skin to loosen dead skin cells and Glycerin hydrates the body to leave the skin soft and smooth post-shower. Winner, winner!

How to use it: come on, this is a bar of soap. Wet your bod with some warm water and work that soap from top-to-toe. Rinse well.

Shop Jack Black here >

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Monday, 1 October 2018 11:06:02 Europe/London

Products for thinning hair

Thinning hair, it catches up with the best of us, but fear not, if you’re follicle-ly challenged and tired of seeing your hair in the basin after every shower, read on.

Once you’re hair starts to thin it hits your confidence hard. Voluminous locks sporting the best pompadour are on the wish-list for most of us, but if you’re hair is starting to thin, achieving you desired style can be a little trickier than it was in you younger years. We’ve selected five of our most popular products for thinning hair to help in your quest for big, bouncy, easy-to-style hair.

#1 - Ouai Thin Hair Supplement (Best Seller)

A daily supplement to help to hold on to your hair and promote healthier, thicker re-growth, Ouai Thin Hair stimulates each strand from the follicle with a cocktail of Niacin, Thiamine, Vitamin E and Biotin to build density and prevent loss and breakages. Take for 90 days to witness the results.

#2 Sachajuan Thickening Shampoo

Our most popular Thickening Shampoo and winner of a GQ Grooming Award, Sachajuan Thickening Shampoo boosts your barnet with every wash. Ocean Silk Technology conditions the hair while Thickening Technology increases density and makes your hair easier to style.

#3 - Ref Weightless Volume Conditioner

A sulphate-free and vegan-friendly daily use conditioner which features quinoa proteins to build strength while adding nourishment. For best results, avoid applying your conditioner to the roots of your hair, simply stoke it across the hair, trying your best to avoid the scalp.

#4 - American English 24 Karat Thickening Lotion

Like an external multi-vitamin for the hair, 24 Karat Thickening Lotion feeds the hair with Vitamins A, C & E, Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 and Amino Acids to build strength and create a more manageable head of hair to work with.

#5 - Ref Thickening Spray

Before scooping out your favourite pomade, dry your hair with a hair dryer then spritz Ref Thickening Spray through it in sections. Your hair will feel twice as thick and your style will hold for much longer.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2018 10:36:03 Europe/London

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid has been hot topic in the skincare industry for many a year, other ingredients come and go but Glycolic Acid is here to stay. Improving texture, removing dead skin cells and brightening the skin are just a few of the many benefits of using Glycolic Acid.

What is Glycolic Acid?

It’s an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and can be derived from cane sugar.
It’s the smallest Alpha Hydroxy Acid so it has the ability to penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin.

What does Glycolic Acid do?

It dissolves the the bond between dead skin cells and new skin cells which improves skin tone and forces the skin to regenerate itself more quickly.

It improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
It loosens blockages from within the pores to reduce blackheads and sebum build-up.
It gently peels off the outer layer of skin cells allowing your skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin.

The benefits of Glycolic Acid are compound so with regular use, the benefits will become more apparent.

Top Picks:

Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser - Glycolic Acid Concentration: 4.9%

This best-selling and award-winning facial cleanser is Anthony’s hero products. It’s a non-foaming creamy lotion which gently exfoliates the skin as it removes dirt and grime.

When to use is: morning and night.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution - Glycolic Acid Concentration: 7%

A simple toner which you should apply using your fingertips, not cotton pads. Dispense a couple of drops into the palm of your hand and press it into the skin. Don't rinse it off. The key here is the 3.6 pH of this product; Glycolic Acid works best in products with a low pH level so The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution works a treat.

When to use: maximum of once daily at night time.

Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peels

A daily exfoliating a resurfacing treatment, Dr Dennis Gross’ patented Alpha Beta Peels put the skin into a heightened state of repair and offer a daily ‘sweep’ of dead skin to renew and brighten the skin tone.

When to use: once daily, morning or night.

Germaine de Cappuccino Synergyage Glycocure Hydro Retexturing Booster Concentrate

A lightweight, creamy lotion which contains Glycolic Acid contained in cyclodextrins. This increase the size of the molecule meaning it sinks more slowly into the skin giving a more prolonged and more gentle peeling treatment.

When to use: use twice daily before moisturising. Always follow with SPF.

Jack Black 8% Glycolic Acid  Line Smoother Treatment - Glycolic Acid Concentration: 8%

A powerful anti-ageing treatment developed especially for men’s skin, Jack Black’s Line Smoother Glycolic Acid Treatment targets fine lines and wrinkles with a high concentration of Glycolic Acid. This formula also feature liquorice extract which soothes and calms to the skin to prevent irritation.

When to use: morning and night. Always follow with SPF.

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Thursday, 20 September 2018 14:50:55 Europe/London

Shine-free skin

Oily, shiny skin is the single most common skincare complaint in men, and with the completely matte ‘shine-free face’ trend at an all time high, products to tackle oil production have never been so in demand.

Why does skin become shiny?

In short, it’s most likely to be your skin type, but there are steps you can take to try to reduce it. Diet is a big player, as is dehydration. Here’s a few reason why your skin maybe shiny and what you can do to help to reduce this:

Your skin is dehydrated.

Sounds crazy, right? But if your skin is dehydrated it overcompensates by producing more sebum (oil) to lubricate the surface of the skin. To combat this, make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day and steer clear of caffeinated drinks.

Your acid mantle in being interrupted.

Acid mantle? What the…? Ok, your acid mantle is the general, balanced state of your skin, the skin natural moisturising factors, if you like. If you disrupt this by using products which are too harsh and start to strip the skin of sebum, your skin will fight back and start to produce more oil, this then makes the skin more shiny. To prevent this from happening, use a face wash which leaves the skin hydrated and your natural moisture right where it should be.

5 tools that will help you to keep your face shine-free

The Face Wash - Germaine de Cappuccini Purexpert Purifying Mattifying Foam

When to use it: Where possible, try to wash your face morning and night, however if your short for time and can only use it once daily, use it at night time to clear the day’s grime.

Why is works: Purexpert is Germaine de Capuccini’s collection for oily skin. This midday foaming cleanser uses Willow Bark Extract to magnify the skin and Glycerin to restore hydration. Glycerin is a humactent which means it draws moisture into the skin. The result? Completely clean skin which doesn’t need to produce oil to rehydrate itself.

The Mask - Biretix Mask

When to use: 2-3 times weekly.

Why is works: This clay-based face mask was originally developed to tackle acne, but with acne comes oil, so Biretix Mask also works a treat at fighting shiny skin. Kaolin Clay absorbs excess shine from the skin and also draws impurities from within the pores. This formula also features Rice Bran Oil which naturally helps to reduce sebum build-up and keep the face shine-free.

The Moisturiser - Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturiser

When to use: Daily after cleaning the face, preferably twice daily morning and night.

Why it works: If you skin is already over producing oil we don’t want to offer it any more. An oil-free moisturiser will help to increase hydration while fighting back against shine. Baxter of California’s Oil-Free Moisturiser includes green tea extract which stimulates microcirculation and improves the overall health and wellbeing of the skin.

When the shine attack strikes, here’s what you need to put up a fight

Anthony Instant Fix Oil Control

Don’t mistake this for a daily moisturiser as you use this is a completely different way. When your skin starts to appear shiny. simply ‘pat’ Instant Fix Oil Control on the shiny areas of the skin and it will install absorb the excess oil.

Myego Mattifiant

This is a translucent powder which comes in 2 variations; light, which is best suited to fair and medium skin tones; medium which is best suited to olive skin tones; you simply brush this onto the skin using the enclosed applicator and it will mattify the skin instantly.

Any questions? Drop an email to for expert advice.

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Top Picks: Germaine de Capuccini

Friday, 7 September 2018 12:59:35 Europe/London

Germaine de Capuccini - Top Picks

One of our best-selling, most popular collections, but also one of the largest, we break through 200 different Germaine de Capuccini products to highlight the very best ones which you should be adding to your skincare collection.

#1 - Exfoliating Scrub

The most popular product in the Germaine de Capuccini collection, Exfoliating Facial Scrub sloughs away dead skin cells and refines the skin tone using a hydrating formula infused with menthol to revitalise the senses while smoothing the skin. To maintain perfectly smooth skin, use your Exfoliating Scrub three times weekly after cleansing.

#2 - Multi-Regenerating Rosehip Oil

The second most popular product in the collection, this skin quenching daily use oil charges the skin with hydration and help to keep age spots and texture irregularities at bay. For best results, use Rosehip Oil on clean skin at night time.

#3 - Purexpert Purifying Mattifying Cleansing Foam

Developed specifically for those with combination and oily skin types, Mattifying Cleansing Foam clears blockages from within the pores and lifts excess sebum from the skin using Salicylic Acid. Used daily - preferable twice daily - the skin will gradually appear less shiny a less susceptible to breakouts and blackheads.

#4 - Pure C Essence Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C applied topically can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the skin. This lightweight serum comes in 4 x 10ml ampules which each last for 10 days. Applied daily after cleansing and before moisturising, this Vitamin C wonder serum boosts collagen synthesis by up to 8 times and improves vitality.

#5 - Timexpert Lift (IN) Supreme Definition Cream

A anti-ageing hero, Supreme Definition Cream uses Alpha Gel Technology to give an instant lifting effect to the skin. Calcium and Glucose have been included within the formula to help to boost the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. The results are firmer, lifted skin which is deeply hydrated.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2018 12:54:02 Europe/London

Hanz de Fuko


Hanz de Fuko was founded in San Francisco by co-founders David Alfonso and Christopher Zent. Both Zent and Alfonso had worked in Silicon Valley for most of their careers and turned to entrepreneurship to showcase their desire for hair care products and men being comfortable with expressing their individuality.

Hanz de Fuko isn't about buying into an all encompassing brand that will be your exclusive choice for hair products, it’s about cherry-picking the products that you like and building them into your lifestyle with the rest of your favourites. Expressing your individuality and being ‘you’ is at the very heart of what Hanz de Fuko is all about; be you, be comfortable and be confident, all while achieving the very best out of your hair style.

Hanz de Fuko Products

All of the Hanz de Fuko products are made with natural and some organic ingredients. This concept fits with the ethos of feeding your soul, and your hair, with what’s absolutely best for it.

David and Christopher took inspiration from Venice Beach to create the Hanz de Fuko DNA, championing the confident, dapper and fearless attitude of those who frequent Los Angeles’ most adored beach. The result is a collection of hair care masterpieces which not only please the hair, they offer visual pleasure to the eyes, too.


Hanz de Fuko - flat lay

#1 - Claymation

A hybrid of hair clay and hair wax, Claymation gives maximum hold with no-shine. It’s completely water-soluble so it rinses out really easily when washing leaving no build-up.

#2 - Quicksand

High hold, ultra matte finish, Quicksand gives crunch and punch to your look. This texture-boosting formula absorbs excess oil and adds density to your style with no added weight- pretty impressive, huh!

#3 - Style Lock Hair Spray

Got the look, lock the look! Style Lock secures your style with a matte-finish, dry mist which is applied at arms length and subtly holds your hair in situ all day long.

#4 - Dry Shampoo

Find your hair easier to style on the second day after washing it? Us too. Hanz de Fuko Dry Shampoo ensures your hair is kept clean and fresh while allowing the natural oils to remain on both your hair and scalp.

#5 - Natural Shampoo

Cleanse your hair the natural way with Hanz de Fuko’s state of the art Natural Shampoo for men. Formulated with 16 pure natural plant extracts and 10 different amino acids, this daily Shampoo keeps your hair and scalp in perfect form.

#6 - Gravity Paste

A unique formula which activates when it makes contact with the hair and skin, Gravity Paste offers an ultra strong hold with a medium, low-gloss shine.

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Hair Clay - Choose Right, Style Right

Monday, 20 August 2018 12:27:37 Europe/London

Men's Hair Clay

Building structure, offering a matte, natural-looking finish and having flexible, strong hold is what hair clay is all about, and currently they're the most popular products in the hair styling category. Hair clay’s come in various formats, from creamy, relatively viscous consistencies to much thicker, harder pomades. The one thing they all have in common is they all contain clay which help to increase density as it expands when it is in contact with moisture. Increased density makes the hair easier to style and if your hair is thin, or thinning, it will help to make it appear thicker. Clay also absorb excess oil so if you don’t want to have to wash your hair every day, Clay may well become your new number one.

Expert tips:

  • Hair clays can be heavier, avoid applying them near to the root of the hair. Style from the tips and work your way back towards the scalp.
  • For a completely matte finish, apply hair clay to completely dry hair.
  • If you prefer a subtle shine, or want to maximise volume, apply your clay to towel dried hair.
  • Clay can be used a styling base. If you want to hold and texture of a hair clay but you prefer the finish of a pomade, use your hair clay first then ‘cocktail’ over the top with pomade.

We’ve highlighted our top hair clay picks to help you choose right.

Coltrane Hair Clay by Triumph & Disaster

Alongside Baxter of California and Jack Black Clay Pomade, Coltrane is one of the thicker hair clays. It carries a blend of nourishing ingredients to help to condition the hair while it locks-in your look. Best for a those who prefer a natural-looking finish with flexible hold.

Clay Pomade by Baxter of California

The number one product from the entire Baxter of California collection, Clay Pomade speaks for itself. This outstanding clay adds definition and texture yet still allows the hair to bend and flex throughout the day.

Claymation by Hanz de Fuko

One of the most popular men’s hair clays worldwide, Hanz de Fuko Claymation take hair clays to a whole;e new level. This easy to apply hair clay thickens the hair and has very strong hold with the added benefit of a natural finish.

Rough Wax by Reference of Sweden

Rough Wax instantly adds volume and creates a totally matte finish with extra strong hold.

Clay Pomade by Jack Black

Jack Black’s Clay Pomade leaves a similar finish to Baxter of California Clay Pomade but it better suited to those who like lots of volume and no shine.

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Aluminium-Free Alcohol-Free Deodorants

We use deodorant more frequently than any other item in our grooming arsenal so be sure to choose wisely and pick one that’s not going to harm your skin or your clothing. Staining on clothing most commonly comes from anti-perspirant deodorants which carry aluminium. While aluminium is great blocking sweat and odour, there are some health concerns when it comes to using deodorants daily which contain aluminium, so for best practice, try to steer clear of deodorants which contain aluminium. Instead, opt for a deodorant which helps to control odour and perspiration using an alternative, aluminium-free, approach.

What’s the difference between Deodorant and Anti-Perspirant?

It’s really simple. Deodorant helps to control the bacteria which causes the smell, Anti-Perspirants work by stopping sweat from being secreted and therefore removing the potential for perspiration coming into contact with the bacteria which causes the odour. Most Anti-Perspirants use aluminium-based ingredients which cause the cells within your sweat ducts to swell, thus blocking the opening and preventing sweat from leaking onto the skin under the arms. Deodorants tend to use a 'bacteria static’ ingredient which helps to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, and this means that when applied to clean skin, they do great job of keeping your underarms free-from odour.

Top Picks: Aluminium-Free Deodorants

Baxter of California Deodorant - this is scented with citrus, herbal musk fragrances which dissipates quickly upon application. It’s aluminium-free so it won’t stain your clothing and it will allow your skin to perspire while keeping odour-causing bacteria at bay.

Anthony Deodorant - not only is Anthony’s Deodorant aluminium-free, it’s also alcohol-free so it’s incredibly gentle on the skin. It carries a subtle fragrance which is slightly minty and mildly citrus-y.

Jack Black Cool CTRL Deodorant - a performance driven super-hero, Cool CTRL won't stain your clothes but it will keep your underarms free-from adverse aromas.

Top Picks: Alcohol-Free Deodorants

Geo F Trumper Sandalwood Deodorant - carrying a masculine sandalwood scent while being ultra gentle on the skin, Trumper’s Sandalwood Deodorant hydrates the underarms while keeping sweat ‘stench’ away.

D R Harris Windsor Deodorant Stick - scented with, arguably, one of D R Harris’ best fragrances, Windsor Deodorant Stick comes alcohol-free and with the added benefit of a powerful bacteria controlling ingredient to stop body odour.

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