Best Smelling Perfume For Men

Best Smelling Perfume For Men - Why One Perfume Smells Better Than Another

Best smelling perfume for men is such a subjective choice. For some, it’s the woody, deep aromas that are of interest; for others it’s the lighter, fresher, citrus tones. Why do some men enjoy one kind of scent and some prefer another? What makes one fragrance smell great to one person, yet to the man next to him it smells overpowering?

The interesting thing about mens perfume is that it smells different to each of us. The ingredients that go to make up a specific fragrance don’t change - or rather, don’t change much, as sometimes the ‘recipe’ can be altered over time. But recent scientific studies in America have shown that up to thirty percent of our olfactory receptors differ from one person to the next. The olfactory receptors are smell detectors that make it possible for us to detected scents and odours; we have 400 or so of them and each is made to pick up different layers of scent. That means that when you smell a certain perfume or cologne and you love the fragrance; but someone else whose smell receptors differ greatly to your own could also smell it and think it was unpleasant. It’s not the scent that has changed; it is the way our brains are able to process it. Just one olfactory sensor being different can mean that a scent is strong for one person and barely there for the next. So really, the answer to the question of what makes one male grooming perfume smell better than another is, in fact, you!

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