Best Mens Moisturiser UK

Best Mens Moisturiser UK - Are Men’s Moisturisers Any Different To Women’s?

Best mens moisturiser UK is bought by women to give to their husband, boyfriends, fathers, brothers and other male friends and family members. Male moisturisers are also bought by men who enjoy taking care of their skin and their appearance. What, though, is the difference between male and female moisturisers? Is there one?

There is actually more than one difference. Although they may seem very similar, mens moisturiser is marketed, made for, and used by men for a reason. One difference is that men’s moisturisers tend to have little or no fragrance, whereas women’s have a floral, fruity, or natural scent to them. It’s not just about what the moisturiser smells like though; there’s a practical reason for it to have no odour. Men often have more sensitive skin, so scents and perfumes in their moisturiser can be an irritant, causing redness, soreness, and general pain and discomfort. Women’s skin is drier, as oestrogen limits oil production. Men’s skin is oilier because testosterone encourages oil production. Therefore, the male grooming version of moisturiser will often help dry or greasy skin. Men’s skin is also thicker than women’s skin, meaning that the sun doesn’t harm it as much; this is why although the majority of women’s moisturisers already include some kind of SPF protection, men’s moisturisers might not. It’s always best to check before you buy, as using some kind of protection against the sun’s harmful rays is a good idea. Because men and women’s skin differ in these respects, it makes sense for the product each sex uses to take that into consideration.

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