Best Mens Moisturiser For Dry Skin

Best Mens Moisturiser For Dry Skin - What Causes Dry Skin? How Can We Stop It?

Best mens moisturiser for dry skin is always going to be difficult to decide. There are so many excellent products out there. New brands are appearing all the time, and new breakthroughs in science that allow for better moisturisers to be created. It’s an almost impossible task. But what actually causes dry skin in the first place?

Sometimes we’re just born with dry skin, inherited from our parents, or perhaps even further back in the family tree than that. The good news is that mens moisturiser can help tackle the worst of it, even if it is something our ancestors just had to deal with. It’s not all about genetics, though; the weather can also have an adverse effect on our skin. Cold winter weather has less humidity than the warmer, sunny days of summer, and this lack of humidity can actually dry out our skin. If we’re inside in the winter, things don’t get much better as the central heating saps the humidity out of the air too. A long, hot shower always sounds like a good idea, and it can be perfect at the end of a long day, but the steam is another thing that dries out the skin. The natural oils leach out as the pores open due to the shower. Some soaps can also take moisture away from the skin, leaving it feeling dry. Using a mild, fragrance free soap is a good option to prevent this when it comes to male grooming. Finally, of course, ageing is another factor; as we grow older, our skin produces less oil.

The best way to ensure that skin doesn’t dry out is to use moisturiser. At The Grooming Clinic, you can find the best mens moisturiser for dry skin as well as a huge range of other moisturisers, hair styling products, and men’s perfumes. Why not treat your skin and visit our website,