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Below The Belt Products for Men

Formulated to keep you dry when active, Below The Belt keeps you free-from moisture and free-from friction right where you need it most.

Below The Belt Grooming was founded in 2014 to offer men a solution to a very real issue that had somehow been overlooked in the world of male grooming.

Having realised that men had no products to turn to on order to keep their groin and intimate areas fresh and dry, they set about developing a range of products that would do just that. No more using messy talcum powder or under-arm deodorants and anti-perspirants!

Expertly created in the UK, Below The Belt Grooming's range includes its headline product; the Fresh & Dry Balls. Available in three different variants (Active, Cool or Fresh), Fresh & Dry Balls is a freshening deodorant gel that can be applied after a shower to provide long lasting freshness to your intimate area.

Due to being a gel, it's easy to apply and dries quickly, leaving a nice silky finish that helps keep you fresh all day long. It should be incorporated in to your daily grooming routine to allow a fresh and comfortable feel for up to eight hours.

In addition to the standard benefits of the product, and the fact that's it's both developed and made right here in the UK, Fresh & Dry Balls is also vegan and cruelty free, dermatologically tested and is a gentle formula meaning it's perfect for sensitive skin.

Another fantastic product in the Below The Belt Grooming range is the aptly named Instant Clean Balls. The spray comes in a 75ml bottle and is a fine spray that helps you freshen up below the belt when showering isn't possible.

Whether you're at work, on the go, at a festival or just hot and sticky with no showering facilities nearby, Instant Clean Balls can be used to instantly freshen things up leaving you clean and refreshed. It's quick drying as well, so ultra-convenient!

Below The Belt Grooming have most definitely kept active sportsmen in mind when they have developed their range. If you've ever played sports or even gone for a run, you will probably be familiar with the chafing that can occur. It's hot, uncomfortable and can also lead to soreness. Well, worry no more.

Below The Belt Grooming Sports Lubricant has been developed specifically for this issue. You should apply it before or after exercise, or just use for every day comfort. The moisturising formula prevents chafing and cuts down on that unpleasant friction that can occur. It contains essential oils and is a gentle formula, so once again perfect for sensitive skin.

There's also a Below The Belt microfibre sports towel which rolls or folds in to a conveniently small size and is perfect for taking to the gym, on your travels or even to work. It's perfect for wiping down and keeping sweat at bay, or having a clean before applying some of the great products in the range.

Browse our range of Below The Belt Grooming products below, and if you fancy trying a selection of them, why not try one of the great gift packs that are available to purchase now.

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