Beardsley Shampoo

Beardsley Shampoo Is Just For Beards - What Makes It So Special?

Beardsley shampoo is specifically designed to be used on beards. It has been specially formulated to give your facial hair the treatment it deserves, leaving you with a soft, manageable beard that looks great and brings you attention for all the right reasons. Just what is it that makes this beard shampoo so good?

Traditionally, mens hair products have focused on the head, not the beard. In the past, beards were simply left to grow as they would, and that meant they could become wild and out of control. They could look messy and unkempt, which sent out entirely the wrong messages. Not only that, but beards can easily become dirty due to food and drink which can stick to the hair and look unsightly. Tobacco products and the smoke from cigarettes can also affect the look (and smell) of a beard. Men took to washing their beards with the shampoo they used on their heads, but the bitter taste and the unsatisfactory end result were enough for them to start looking elsewhere. Thankfully, male grooming has now become easier with the creation of the beard shampoo from Beardsley. These mild shampoos, delicately flavoured with cantaloupe, wild berry or candy cane, are kind to the beard and the skin, and they don’t have a terrible taste to them either. You can therefore use them as often as you need to ensure your beard remains in as good condition as possible. Beardsley beard shampoos are excellent value too – a little goes a long way, and a bottle will last and last.

Specially formulated for beards, Beardsley shampoo is available at The Grooming Clinic at We know you’ll love how it makes your beard look and feel. Use it as much as you want to, and come back for more whenever you need – we’re online and open 24/7.