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Anthony Skincare for Men

Developed in 2000 by New York based skincare enthusiast Anthony Sosnick, Anthony caters for the man who wants that little bit of extra performance from his grooming regime. Anthony products focus on essential maintenance and tackling the most common and problematic skincare issues. The Glycolic Facial Cleasner placed Anthony on the map, quickly becoming one of the most popular men’s face washes worldwide, thanks to its outstanding results. From deodorants to eye creams, this range of expert skincare products has the whole body covered keeping you in perfect form with minimal investment.

Anthony is a premium brand which prides itself on producing high-quality male grooming products. Founded in 2000, founder Anthony Sosnick found himself frustrated by the lack of quality grooming products for men.

He set about developing his own range in an attempt to turn the mail grooming industry around, and the company has gone from strength-to-strength ever since. Based in the US, Anthony strives to fulfil its mission of creating and bringing to market the highest quality, premium products on the market.

Despite its founder having experience in the commercial real estate industry, the move in to male grooming products has been an incredibly successful one. With distinctive modern and clean packaging designs, they add a certain degree of style to your bathroom cabinet, so much so, you will want to keep them out on display.

Anthony skincare products have been particularly successful with products developed using natural ingredients and underpinned by the latest technology. One of the leading products is the Anthony After Shave Balm.

It's designed to give you a feeling of freshness across your face after shaving, removing the irritation that can be caused by your razor. Containing natural plant extracts and aloe vera, the balm prevents razor rash while encouraging skin to recover quicker. It's suitable for all skin types and can be used in isolation, or you can apply a moisturiser after use.

Another product in the Anthony skincare range is the Anthony Algae Facial Cleanser. Developed with the intention of being a product used daily, the cleanser utilises the beneficial properties of Azulene, Lavender and Rose Hip Oil. It soothes and calms the skin while rehydrating it to help you get through the day. If you have sensitive skin, it can be particularly effective.

Caring for your beard is also something for which Anthony supplies high-end products for. The Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash has been developed to effectively de-frizz and de-tangle your beard, leaving it velvety-smooth and perfectly conditioned. It also contains blackcurrant and rosemary extracts to help prevent that all too familiar itch! There is also a pre-shave and conditioning beard oil. If you want it all in one place, then the Anthony Beard Basics Kit has you covered as it contains both the conditioning beard wash and a pre-shave and conditioning beard oil. This limited edition set also contains an attractive beard comb so you can give your beard the look it deserves.

Anthony has mastered the art of packaging products together in to premium kits that contain everything you need. Check out the Anthony Essential Traveller Kit, the Face Duo combination set and the outstanding head-to-toe survival kit that includes five trial versions of some of the leading products, giving you an opportunity to test some of the leading products.

The rest of the Anthony range is exhaustive when it comes to providing premium products for your daily male grooming requirements. There's an extensive shaving kit, shower sheets, premium facial cleansers and even a sun cream made with only the best quality ingredients.

You can browse the full range of Anthony male grooming products below.

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