Aesop, Est. 1987. Sensory pleasure meets efficacy.


Est 1987, Melbourne Australia.

Founded by ex-hairdresser, Dennis Paphitis, the brand’s soul lies very much in the importance of calm and composure. His first products consisted of essential oils added into commercial hair colours to mask the scent of ammonia. Working with a chemist, he went on to use these experiments to develop less aggressive hair care products that produce exceptional results. And with this, Aesop moved into the world of skincare and became what it is today.

The brand celebrates science through all of its products. A careful blend of botanical-based and laboratory-made ingredients merge together to create formulations that melt. Each offering within their range is a product of time, dedication and commitment. Unlike other skincare brands, they choose to turn away from structured release dates. Instead, products are perfected over time and released to a much-anticipated audience only once they are deemed ‘complete.

And, it is with the brand’s signature branding that they have managed to stay topical and popular since their launch in 1987. Paired back, minimalist and built on their unique ‘unselling’ model, their simplistic and sustainable packaging has become coveted. The utilitarian design sees finished bottles reused around the home and avid fans eagerly awaiting the next ground-breaking release. And, with a name drawn from a famous fabulist who wandered ancient Greece with his memorable tales, the brand continues to create its own story that has got skincare enthusiasts sitting up to listen.

Here at The Grooming Clinic, we’ve collated some of the world’s most beloved Aesop products to ensure you can introduce this cult dedication to exceptional skin and hair care into your own collection. Immerse yourself in products that look beautiful and melt into your hair and skin for exceptional results. Discover their Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque which hydrates, conditions and reduces the damage inflicted on chemically-treated hair in as little as 20 minutes for an express treatment. Step back to their classic range and indulge in the scented shampoos that effortlessly cleanses hair of everyday build-up and improve it’s condition with hydrolysed vegetable proteins and castor oil. Or focus on key problem areas with their Sage and Cedar Scalp Treatment for the perfect pre-shampoo treatment.

Introduced into the TGC family, Aesop is sure to become the brand of choice for the most keen of skincare and haircare enthusiasts. You can discover a selection of their products right here.

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  1. Aesop Arrival Travel Kit
    Aesop Arrival Travel Kit
    Special Price £23.20 Regular Price £29.00
  2. Aesop Classic Shampoo - 500ml
    Aesop Classic Shampoo | 500ml
    Special Price £26.40 Regular Price £33.00
  3. Aesop Departure Travel Kit
    Aesop Departure Travel Kit
    Special Price £36.00 Regular Price £45.00
  4. Aesop Resurrection Duet
    Aesop Resurrection Duet
    Special Price £69.60 Regular Price £87.00
  5. Aesop Rozu Eau de Parfum - 50ml
    Aesop Rozu Eau de Parfum | 50ml
    Special Price £104.00 Regular Price £130.00
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