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The Leader in Male Grooming Products and Men's Skincare Since 2010

The Grooming Clinic was established in 2010 bringing together a collection of tried and tested men's grooming products that separated the wheat from the chaff and really cut the mustard. In 2010 male grooming was the fastest growing area of the skincare industry, and all these years later it continues to be so. The offering grows day-by-day with new products joining us all of the time. We set out to try and test as many male grooming products as we can and cherry pick the ones that stand-out from the canvas for their performace and results. Based just south of London in Cranleigh, Surrey, we process orders daily to countries far and wide.

Founded by Steven O'Neill and Graham Matthews and origianlly set-up as a male grooming blog, The Grooming Clinic initailly set-out to showcase reviews of men's grooming products funded initaily by standard banner-style advertising. A year into the blog and traction began to build with daily newspapers and monthly men's magazines calling us regulalry for expert comment and advice for their editorial content. We decided to add a small ecommerce section to the website to start to sell the products which we had tried and loved. Within months this area of website became the most popular and sales started flooding in. We quickly became synonamous with quality and known as one of the most well-respected authorities in male grooming.

Steven and Graham are of the most highly acclaimed male grooming experts in the industry, still called upon daily by editors of leading men's magazines for expert advice and comment. Their skills and passion for the industry translate into an industry leading know-how and level of expertise leagues ahead of the rest.

Since 2010 The Grooming Clinic has grown to become of one Europe's laregst independent male grooming stores delivering to all four corners of the globe.

Time was, the majority of men defined being smart by the wearing of a tie, no matter if it had yesterday’s lunch on it. However, evolution is a wonderful thing, and finally it’s a well-known fact that appearances do matter. Taking some pride in your presentation is key in career and relationship success, not to mention boosting your confidence.

We know that navigating men's grooming products can be a minefield, so that’s why we have cherry-picked only products that we can personally recommend. We promise to guide you through your options by not only providing clear information about the product, but also by being available for individual assistance either via email or over the telephone. 

Since we made that pledge, we can make another; every product listed for purchase at The Grooming Clinic has been tried and tested by our panel of male grooming experts. Don’t say we don’t spoil you…

It’s not about winning the lottery of buff; but it is about keeping yourself looking fit and healthy. Wherever you lay your hat on the scale between Johnny Depp and Johnny Vegas, The Grooming Clinic is all about making the best of yourself.