Be Beard Beautiful with Anthony

Anthony Beard Products


Some may say they’re late to the party, but we think it was just good working taking good time. Anthony, one of the world leaders in men’s skin, have today announced the arrival of their 2 new beard care products in the UK, and what’s more, they’re available right here at The Grooming Clinic.


Conditioning Beard Wash and Pre Shave + Conditioning Beard Oil are the first venture Anthony have taken into the beard care domain, but a step in the right direction as both products are absolutely sensational.


Conditioning Beard Wash

Conditioning Beard Wash removes the need for separate beard and face washes. It’s rich in Coconut Oil which nourishes coarse hair whilst Bilberry Fruit Extract cleanses and Rosemary & Blackcurrant extracts stop the beard from becoming itchy. It has a creamy texture which is great for the skin, helping to lift dirt and excess oil whilst leaving the skin supple and hydrated.

Anthony Beard Wash




Pre Shave + Conditioning Beard Oil

Pre Shave + Conditioning Beard Oil is a potent cocktail of nourishing oils including Vitamin E, Calendula, Rosemary and Basil. This unique formula hydrates the skin, conditions the beard and stops beard dandruff, (aka, beard-ruff!).

Anthony Pre Shave + Conditioning Beard Oil